Nintendo Switch Helps Reddit User Detect Tumor

You Cant Say the Nintendo Switch Isn’t Versatile

It looks like the Nintendo Switch helped Reddit user Chris Chalms detect an early tumor. Posting about his experiences on /r/NintendoSwitch, he explains that the system’s HD Rumble feature was causing a pain in his palm. It extended all the way through his index finger.

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At first, he brushed it off.

“I’m a programmer, and it was a pretty busy time at work, so I just put it down to [a repetitive stress injury] or something similar,” he told Kotaku. “I thought maybe it’d go after a few quieter days.”

But over time, it got worse.

“I found that I wasn’t playing the Switch anymore because of this weird pain when the controller vibrated. I’m primarily a PC gamer, and use an Xbox One controller but never had any pains with that.”

Chris starting noticing bruises around the pain a few months later. Not only that, the pain intensified when he continued to play the Switch. He quickly booked a doctor’s appointment, as he didn’t think it was something to ignore.

“After a few weeks with the pain still there, and a small bruise-like mark showing on my palm,” he said. “I definitely knew something was wrong, but the doctors told me to just keep an eye on it, especially when they found out that I use my hands a lot at work.”

It has been a six months since the incident and now doctor’s believe that there is a less than 5 percent chance that it is cancerous.

“According to the UltraSound and a MRI they’re thinking it might either be a vascular malformation or a giant cell tumor,” he posted on Reddit. “They won’t know until they take it out.”

“I definitely believe that if it hadn’t been for the Switch I wouldn’t have gone to the doctors until the mark started to raise from my palm months later,” he added.

His surgery is set for Monday.


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