Is A Nintendo Wii Weight Loss Program Even Possible?

There are countless blogs out there that claims that you can lose weight with the Nintendo Wii. With the goal of shedding pounds, Wii bloggers are now logging their daily activities and monitoring their personal progress. Most notably, a man from Philadelphia boasted that he lost nine pounds through his customized wii fitness program for an entire month. Sounds too good to be true? Can you really lose weight while playing your favorite games on the Nintendo Wii console? Believe it or not, there's some promise with the Nintendo Wii.

The game system comes with unusual looking controllers. You will not see the conventional thumb control for the Nintendo Wii. Rather, you'll see a rectangular controller with a motion detector and remote control-looking contraption that you point towards the TV. So, what's the purpose of these controllers?

The most notable aspect of the controllers is the motion detectors. The detectors allow you to swing or move with not just your fingers, but your arms or wrists. The movements of the controller when you swing or flick the wrists convert to actual movement in the game. By motoring the controller to mimic a tennis racquet, golf club, or baseball bat, the player gets to experience a virtual game.

As one can see, the motors from the swinging could burn a few calories. In fact, one blogger mentioned using the controller to swing a racquet for 30 minutes a day to lose weight. By mimicking real life motions, one can literally become immersed in activity that is not only good for weight loss, but have fun in the process.

Because of the popularity of the wii weight loss concept, Nintendo has unveiled the Wii Fit for the beginning of 2008. The Wii Fit is a step-on platform that allows the player to rest his or her feet on a flat, white device. The user can tilt, move the legs, and move around to control movement in various applications and games. The Wii Fit will allow individuals to automatically do aerobics, snow board, dance, ski, yoga, hula hoop, and more. The platform not only measures movement, it measures body mass and center of gravity. Interestingly, the device can tell you even your "Wii Fitness Age." The introduction of the Wii Fit certainly demonstrates the seriousness of the company to cater fitness enthusiasts and people willing to step into a program to lose weight.

Although many claim that you can lose weight with the Nintendo Wii, it's certainly no substitute to conventional exercise. A simple walk around outside or walk up the stairs could burn more calories than a session on the console. But with the console, at least one can still have fun while burning calories.

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