Consumers Guide to Buying A Nintendo Wii on eBay and Getting The Best Price Possible!

If you're thinking about buying a Nintendo Wii on eBay, here are three simple tips that will save you money and hassles.

TIP # 1 – Protect Your Investment – Here's How …

eBay is much safer for buyers than it used to be. In fact, when you win an auction and pay for it using PayPal, your purchase is protected up to $ 2,000.

Not only is it a good idea to pay using PayPal, but it's also critical you only buy from sellers with at least 97% positive feedback. Simply click on the number next to an eBay member's username to see what other eBayers say about them. If most of their feedback is from other sellers, that means they do not have much selling experience and you should exercise caution.

TIP # 2 – Bid When Everyone Else is Sleeping

Here's a tip that sometimes works. Log onto eBay late at night (or in the wee hours of the morning) and search for Nintendo Wii's. You may discover they sell for substantially less than during normal hours of the day.

TIP # 3 – Can You Spot Clever Marketing?

Let me ask you a question … Which Wii would you rather buy:

  1. "New Nintendo Wii Console"
  2. NIB Nintendo Wii Console + 5 Sports Games + Receipt "

Probably # 2, right?

The truth is, you get the same thing regardless if you buy # 1 or # 2, because the Nintendo Wii comes with 5 sports games, and your seller should include a receipt (for warranty purposes.)

Smart eBayers know the more specific descriptions are, the more people will bid.

I've seen Wii's go for $ 100- $ 200 more because the title and description are worded so well.

TIP # 4 – Research Before You Leap

And, finally … Do your research. Before you jump headfirst into buying a Nintendo Wii, compare prices between eBay sellers and make sure you know what you're buying.

When you apply these tips, you could save money this season – and maybe put a little extra money in your pocket, too!

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