Bad Dudes vs. Dragon Ninja Confirmed For Nintendo Switch, Coming Next Week

Bad Dudes

Flying Tiger Entertainment got its Johnny Turbo arcade-to-home line-up started on the right foot last month with the debut of Data East’s classic Gate of Doom for Nintendo Switch. That action/role-playing adventure thrusted gamers back into the era of old-school arcade gaming, without the need for quarters.

But now, Flying Tiger is really turning up the heat, as things are about to get…Bad! (No, not Michael Jackson Bad.)

Through a product listing on the Nintendo Switch’s eShop page, we’ve learned that Bad Dudes vs. Dragon Ninja, Data East’s classic beat-em-up, will arrive on the system next week. It’s slated for March 21, going for a price of $9.99. While that’s a little bit higher than the usual $7.99 Flying Tiger charges, it is one of the company’s bigger titles in its line-up, since Bad Dudes has a huge, um, dude following. (Dudettes too, of course.)

Bad Dudes 2

The Bad Dudes have made appearances on Nintendo consoles before. They’ve been featured on the NES with a fairly decent arcade-to-home translation, and also appeared in the Wii compilation Data East Arcade Classics, amongst a number of the company’s other releases – including their distant cousins in Crude Buster.

The arcade edition, which will be the one featured on the Switch next week, will feature two-player local play, so a fellow dude can team up with you and help you save the president. And, yes, you’ll be able to play this on-the-go with a friend, using JoyCons to show off your, ahem, “badness.”

Early screenshots from the game indicate that this should be a fairly accurate port of the arcade original, and while Flying Tiger hasn’t detailed all of the game’s features yet, we should expect some of the same stuff that was featured in Gate of Doom, including possible leaderboards and various control styles.

We’ll be seeing more Data East classics on the Switch and other consoles over the next few months, so prepare for the onslaught of old-school goodness. On that note, dudes, we should totally go get a burger. Hahaha.

Bad Dudes vs. Dragon Ninja arrives on the Switch on March 21, and should be released for other consoles soon after, though a date hasn’t been specified yet. & Warner Bros Home Entertainment are teaming up to bring one lucky Justice League fan the prize pack of a lifetime! Click here for the chance to win a big-screen TV, a copy of the movie and more!

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