A History to Remember – The Nintendo Entertainment System

Nintendo, who has not heard of them. In terms of gaming they are known by most people to have been the best company around to creating those original fun games that we have come to enjoy. Its the original company before anyone really got started in the games industry to really produce great quality games. To this day Nintendo is working tirelessly to producing amazing quality games and innovation that friends and family can sit down to enjoy.

Nintendo provides fun for all your family and friends, with games that are targeted at the younger generation to games that are targeted to the older generation, everyone is covered and everyone can enjoy the type of game that is suited to them. Right in the beginning history tells us that Nintendo used to produce playing cards for younger children but then swiftly moved onto creating video games.

Back in the video gaming crash of the early 80's most video game companies were about to call it quits but it was Nintendo that never kept up and it was the only company that pushed to bring the video games systems back into play. In the mid 1980's Nintendo developed and produced what is thought to be the most popular gaming system of all time … the Nintendo Entertainment System. To this day it is still the best selling gaming system ever. In short it is called the NES.

The NES was originally released in the mid 1980s and was an instant hit all over the world. Because of this system, Nintendo became one of the best video game companies the world has ever seen. It also pushed the way for other gaming companies to create amazing systems. As the competition larger, Nintendo continued to push the boundaries and create more and more great systems.

After the NES came the development of the highly popular gaming system the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Or more popular the SNES. This was also a major success. The SNES was an improvement upon the NES, with it being a 16bit gaming system that contained the latest and greatest technology that was available in any gaming system at that time. The SNES did not get the massive success that the NES did but not the less it was still a major success that everyone enjoyed.

The SNES produced an amazing amount of quality games that people loved to play at that time and still loved to play today. The SNES has been deemed to be one of the most popular gaming systems to have implemented. There are big chances that somewhere in your house you have a Super NES hidden away.

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