Major League Gaming a Global Opportunity

What is Major League Gaming? If you love to play video games and have ever thought about playing competitively than you have probably heard of the Major League Gaming or MLG. In fact, if you have any experience with the professional video gaming industry, you probably know who the MLG is. This is the largest organized league in the world for sport gaming. It is the largest international sanctioning body for professional video gaming and they are doing big things in the industry.

More and more people are playing video games for profit and even for a living. The money they make through competitions is often more than enough to support them. Organizations like the MLG help support these competitions. Competitive gaming is growing quickly throughout the world and the MLG is recognized as the global governing authority for the millions of competitive gamers that are located all over the world. They hold many professional gaming tournaments each year and people come from all over the world for an opportunity to play in these tournaments.

In fact, there have been attendees from over 28 different countries that come to take part in Major League Gaming competitions over the years that the organization has been around. They also operate which is the world’s largest competitive video gaming destination and millions of people from across the world communicate through this on a regular, daily basis. Thousands of people log in at any particular time to play the games they love, get more information and communicate with other people in the gaming community.

Major League Gaming management has been known to manage the careers of many of the world’s most accomplished professional gamers. Some of these players have gone on to win International recognition for their abilities in their games of choice. They have their headquarters in New York City, United States and they are a privately held company. You can find more information about the Major League Gaming organization and their tournaments and players by visiting their official site at

On the MLG website you can also find hot alerts in the professional gaming community, hints and tips, information about games and tournaments, scores, player information and profiles and so much more. This should be every gamers one-stop shop for in depth knowledge of the gaming world. You can find details on the pro circuit, videos posted by users, news, forums and even game channels for the most popular tournament games (Halo 2 and 3, Gears of War, Rainbow Six: Vegas, Shadowrun).

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