Logitech G930: Take Your Gaming Experience Seriously

Why should you invest in the Logitech G930 as your gaming headset of choice? The short answer is simple, it's a fantastic piece of equipment that serves both the hardcore and recreational gamer equally well. Gamers everywhere are looking for ways to enhance their experience, which is why I am writing this article on the most basic way to do this: using a gaming headset.

Why a Logitech G930?

Imagine that you are involved in a multi-player gaming session, several hours in, and a stereo belonging to your roommate, or your brother or sister suddenly gets turned on. Loudly. Where before you could hear your teammates communicating on the basic headset you had, their voices are a just a little faint. Just false enough that you missed a key instruction or piece of information that in turn causes your character to be taken out.

Next think about that entire scenario over, but this time you have a noise canaling headset on that drowns that stereo, or other noise source that would otherwise interrupt your game. You do not miss a beat, and end up far more successful. It all may sound a bit vague and trivial, but when you've spent part of a day playing a game with escalating intensity, losing when you know you could have, and should have won is frustrating.

Several points that you will see come up time and again from other reviewers online are:

  • This headset is comfortable. The headset is made of solid and well designed materials. While it may take a little getting used to, it ever hugs your head and makes it feel very secure
  • The microphone is sensitive, but accurate. You may be used to weak or unreliable microphones with other headsets, but this is not a problem with this headset. If you need to mute the microphone, you just move it to the raised position and it automatically mutes itself.
  • The wireless capability is top of the line. There are no worries with having to move several feet away from your computer or gaming console. You should be able to grab something from another room and still stay in contact.

Where else can you find more information on the Logitech G930?

There are a number of choices for gaming headsets online, with just as much information on each option. You need to know where to get the best deals, and the most complete information before you make your decision to pick one up. Beside, you want to find the right deal, including shipping options, customer service and everything else to make your experience positive.

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