Is Playing Video Games a Waste of Time?

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Many people believe that playing video games is just a waste of time and money, because you don’t get any out of it.  But I have to disagree with the people that think that playing video games is a waste of time and I’m going to prove it.

The only thing that I agree about video games is the long amount of hours that people dedicate to playing a game. As an RPG fan I know what it is to spend a lot hours playing a game.  That’s why sometimes you need a break from playing a game, that way your brain will be more refreshed when you resume the game.

There are a lot of games that help your brain by stimulating it; by stimulating the brain is more active and can help you remember things better.  Other types of games are design to help gain more dexterity with your hands by playing games that involves instruments, but it gives you more coordination to play the instrument in rhythm with the music.  Also they are games that help your body by doing exercise while playing.

My biggest point to prove that games are not a waste of time is by getting money for being a game tester.  This is possible because you don’t need any experience or degree to do this; the only thing that you need is to try games from over 50 gaming companies that need game testers to try new games before they come out, to make sure that the games contain no errors or glitches, so other than being paid you also get to keep the games they give you to try.

If you feel that yu are wasting time, well you can see that by being a game tester, you won’t waste any time and make your dreams a reality and prove that playing video games in not waste of time but a career.  I certainly have proven to others that being a game tester is a great career and not a waste of time.

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