Ana, Junkrat, and a huge two-player robotic are coming to Heroes of the Storm | Pc Gamer

A different Overwatch map is coming to Heroes of the Storm: Volskaya Foundry, a a few-lane Battleground modeled immediately after Overwatch’s Russian robotic manufacturing unit. Players will struggle about a few Overwatch-design seize points, the reward for which is a huge rocket-punching robotic that have to be piloted by two players.

Volskaya Foundry is the next Overwatch-themed HotS map, joining the controversial Hanamura. Like Hanamura, Volskaya has Overwatch-styled map aims, in this circumstance command points (no payloads, thankfully) that behave identical to the types from Overwatch’s King of the Hill manner. Players will acquire command of the point by standing on it, earning progress towards seize until the enemy crew normally takes command. And just like Overwatch, the progress meter will not tick to 100 percent if you will find an enemy contesting the point. 

Controlling all a few points benefits your crew with a huge robotic that controls like a super-driven variation of the two-player Hero Cho’Gall. Just one player will manage motion, when the other controls the mech’s guns and rocket-propelled fists. 

To make matters a lot more appealing, the map’s command points are surrounded by conveyor belts that will improve your movement—assuming you happen to be managing in the correct path. You will not get quite much managing in the reverse path, and the moving walkways will also ferry stationary objects like Tyrael’s sword. 

Volskaya Foundry is just not the only new Overwatch articles heading to Heroes of the Storm. Two Overwatch heroes—the therapeutic sniper Ana and demolitions skilled Junkrat—have been unveiled as the next two characters to be a part of the HotS roster. In addition, you will find some neat new skins and mounts on the way: Commandant Varian, Shrike Ana, Celestial Raptor and Invisible Horse, and the coolest D.Va skin we’ve witnessed: D.Va the Destroyer, modeled immediately after the fearsome dragon Deathwing. 

Ana and the new Volskaya Battleground are planned to hit the HotS PTR next 7 days, when Junkrat will be joining at a later on day. Search for a lot more details about Ana’s qualities early next 7 days.

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