History of Grand Theft Auto

Celebrated by many a gamer, Grand Theft Auto gaming series has been criticized by politicians, and hated by parents world-wide. Much more so than any other game out there. The franchise brings up strong emotions from a wide range of people, even those not involved in the game industry in some way. As a former candidate for the presidency, Joe Lieberman has spoke openly about his dislike for the game. At the same time professors, find some values in the game, stating the fact that the games offer the “ideas of choices and consequences.” It’s edgy content made GTA a huge factor in the debate on violence in video games.

Partially, it’s success is thanks to controversial publicity over the content in it’s games. GTA I, II, III & IV are known as the most recognized video games anywhere. This attention however, isn’t without merit, though. Widely recognized as an excellent game, obtaining acclaim from critics and generating millions of dollars in sales. GTA III and GTA Vice City have won award after award. Both have sold millions of copies over a variety of different gaming systems. GTA San Andreas has also rated extremely high with critics as long as it has been released and is still selling millions of copies. On the night GTA San Andreas was released, gamers lined up outside the doors of retailers all over the country just so they could be one of the first to pick up their versions of GTA San Andreas.

No one could have predicted this game’s influence on gamers and the industry.

It is still hard to believe that a game like this has become so well known throughout the entire gaming industry, got its start from a vintage looking and sounding 2D game. The original GTA rated very poorly with critics. It wasn’t until GTA III game was released that the rest of the series became popular and achieved it’s status as part of pop culture.

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