Grand Theft Auto IV (ps3) – Incredible Graphics and Illustrations

The Grand Theft Auto IV (PS3) is an exciting game which is all set to create sensations in the electronic games industry. The gamers were anticipating that this latest edition of video game would have all the interactive and sophisticated features that they have always desired. The game has been designed on the backdrop of New York City and New Jersey. The game developers have contributed a lot to design this video game with all the exciting features. However it is expected that it would rejuvenate the nerves of the gamers. The periodical PlayStation Magazine of Spain has reported that this game will have the capability to support 15 different online play modes.

The Grand Theft Auto IV PS3 is generally rated ‘M’ which means, this game should be played only by matured people. Youngsters are prescribed not to play this game as it involves violence and inappropriate situations. However besides these ratings, those who can play this game would definitely enjoy a great deal.

A fictitious multi cultural city called Liberty City is designed as a plot in this game. It is the main place where all the action would take place. The main protagonist Niko (player) arrives in America after accepting invitation from his cousin Roman. Nicko actually comes to America to fulfill his dreams and improve his present life style. In other words, Nicko comes to give wings to his American dream, but as a matter of fact everything turns against his expectations and dreams. He gets over burdened with debt which in turn drags him to criminal underworld. Life becomes quite miserable, as he owes a great amount of money from the bad people.

Nicko Bellick, the main player is a European immigrant to Liberty City and comes to America to earn easy money and women. He is expected to adjust himself quickly to the hard life and harsh realities of America. However with perseverance and strong will he might successfully grab it. People with weak hearts or playing this game for the first time can expect to experience intense violence and partial nudity.

This exciting game is also known for the great deal of violence and action. The incredible graphics portrayed in this game are marvelous. The Liberty City, the main place of action has been rendered brilliantly with such precision and detail, that everything seems to be very real. This electronic game is expected to give new dimensions to the interactive gaming world.

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