Gamers asking – Best Vaule for XBox 360 / PS3 Trade in?

This Christmas has seen a massive increase in the number of gamers looking to trade in their games and consoles. Not to be beaten by the credit crunch, gamers are doing all they can to get their hands on the latest releases.

Figures have shown a sharpe rise in the number of gamers trading in their old games. As many industries seem to be hitting hard times, the games industry is booming.

The fact that 4.7 million copies of Modern Warfare 2, the sixth installment in the hugely popular Call of Duty franchise, were sold on the first day alone, raking in £186 million in the US and Britain combined has seen gaming become headline news.

Best Value

GameXchange, that has stores in Ashton-under-lyne, Blackburn, Bolton, Warrington, Preston, Stretford and Manchester plan to make it much easier for Gamers to get their hands on the latest releases. GameXchange have a combined 40 years experience in high street games retail.

With their experience and knowledge the GameXchange team aim to offer not only great product knowledge but the Best Value for money on your used games.

Buying Online can save you money

If you cannot get to one of our stores then you can buy your games online. It is also possible for us to offer you a discount online.

Simply use GXEMULTI and you will get 10% off your full basket

visit the online store GameXchange

Social Marketing

The gaming industry is now all about communities. XBox Live has seen millions login on and now offers social networking via it’s service. GameXchange is making the most of this functionality and is inviting people to start following them on Twitter and Facebook. By doing this customers will receive the latest offers.

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