Fix Those Annoying PS3 Video Problems Yourself

There is no question that the PlayStation 3 is one of the best video gaming consoles available today. Sony deserves credit for continuously improving the PlayStation product and giving us the high resolution graphics available on the PS3 system. Like all complex electronic devices, however, PS3 video problems do occur occasionally.

The most commonly encountered PS3 video output problems are those involving the video display. It’s not unusual to find that certain older versions of DVDs and CDs will not play on PS3. Periodically, the Blu-Ray disc lens becomes so dust covered that it will not play videos, or cannot play them smoothly.

Up until recently, PlayStation repairs were expensive projects best handled by Sony service personnel or private game repair services. Things have changed over time, however. With a little patience and effort, PlayStation 3 owners can make most repairs necessary to keep their PS3 video problems at a minimum.

Repairing any device, electronic or otherwise, is 10% effort and 90% knowing what you are doing. Fortunately for PS3 owners, finding out how to troubleshoot and repair your PS3 is easy by taking advantage of all of the information that is now available from the Internet. There are a number of excellent troubleshooting and repair guides available online that will enable you to troubleshoot your PS3 no video problems and make your own repairs without the significant cost you might have incurred in the past.

Such simple problems as the dusty Blu-Ray lens mentioned above are a great example. In the past, owners would panic and take their system to a repair service and spend good money to the repairman who most probably dusted off the Blu-Ray disc lens. If you had learned how to understand the problem and how to fix it with a simple alcohol wipe, you could have saved both time and money.

Another great example of a simple troubleshooting and repair that a knowledgeable PS3 owner can fix by himself is a video problem caused by damaged or incorrectly connected cables. If there is a problem with the video display, check to ensure that the cables are properly and securely connected at both ends. Carefully examine each cable to find any evidence of damage. A simple cable change might be the answer to your immediate problem.

If the cables are in good shape, check the video resolution configuration on the PS3 console. You may not have the resolution set properly. If you had mistakenly set the resolution to the lowest setting the video may not display properly. It may be that you’ve recently move your PlayStation and are connecting to a different television set. The PlayStation 3 console has to have its display settings reset for each different television set to which it is connected. You may have forgotten to do so.

Most of the commonly encountered PS3 no video problems are usually maintenance related; problems that you can easily fix yourself with just a little knowledge. It would be a prudent and cost effective move on your part to go online and download one of the many troubleshooting and repair guides that are available. is one website with an excellent guide featuring easy to follow instructions. In addition to learning how to troubleshoot and repair your PS3 video problems, you can also learn how to transfer movies or music from your hand held or from you home PC.

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