The Final Fantasy Review

After a long development phase the Final Fantasy 14 was revealed for the crowd on the 30th of September. This part turns another page in the history of the game. The promotion campaign had unseen since now scale. The game it self is quite addicting. It makes you change your routine so that you have more time to play the game. And the developers are still adding more and more advanced features.

The game is very customizable. The player is able to create and modify their characters the way they like it. They can adjust the physical aspects, the levels, the weapons and more and more which makes it almost unique. The game play allows the player to choose from a variety of tasks to clear the level in order to get to Realm of Eorzea. The interaction between the players is also allowed which helps them even more in the quest to clear the levels. All these qualities make the game even more irresistible and appealing.

To make the game even more unique the players are offered to decide from 17 different worlds in which to play in. Gysahl, Wutai, Trabia, Mysidia, Istory, Bodhum, Melmond, Cornelia, Kashuan, Figaro, Lindblum, Besaid, Selbina, Rabanastre, Palamecia, Saronia, and Fabul. As the developers announced that they also said that even more worlds will be added. That way if the previously existing worlds get over crowded the developers will start completely new worlds where the new players will be accommodated. By that the developers have an entire control over the servers so they do not get over crowded.

As a soldier you can select from five different disciplinals – Archer, Pugilist, Lancer, Gladiator, and Marauder. The division you are fighting in is determined by the weapon you have. So when you change your weapon this changes your class and level.

The archers, if someone does not know are those men with the bows and arrows. They can select from a wide range of arrows and every has its own specialty. The archers are not very strong but are really efficient in long distance fighting. The pugilists are stronger. They are more suitable for hand to hand warfare. The lancers use long spears. They are not very efficient in hand to hand combat. But they are strong in their own way. Gladiators are again a melee unit but unlike the pugilists they are equipped with swords and shields. Marauders use ax and are again a short distance unit.

As you see the five classes are divided mostly on the range between them and the opponent. So the most important thing in order to defeat the enemy is to pick the most suitable weapon for your division.

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