‘Sailor Moon’ And ‘Final Fantasy’ Attractions Coming To Universal Studios Japan

It sounds like two fan-favorite franchises are on their way to Universal Studios Japan.

The Osaka theme park just unveiled their upcoming Universal Cool Japan collaborations, which highlight a handful of popular properties in Chinese culture. The two newest additions to list are Sailor Moon and Final Fantasy. You can check out the poster for the announcement below.

(Photo: Universal Studios Japan)

Some have already begun to speculate that the Final Fantasy expansion will be based off of Final Fantasy VII, which has had the biggest impact on Japanese culture. This is only echoed by the game’s protagonist, Cloud, appearing on the poster for the initial announcement.

With Sailor Moon, Universal Studios Japan appears to be going retro, with the title character’s initial anime design present on the poster. This will probably divide some fans, depending on how they feel about the Sailor Moon Crystal reboot.

In addition to Sailor Moon and Final Fantasy, updated attractions for Great Detective Conan and Monster Hunter will be joining the 2018 Universal Cool Japan slate. Past attractions have included Attack on Titan, Resident Evil, and Neon Genesis Evangelion.

The Final Fantasy, Conan, and Monster Hunter attractions are set to debut on January 19th, with the Sailor Moon attraction premiering sometime in the spring. All four attractions will be available until June 24th, 2018. But judging by the fan response, you might want to start booking your ticket to Universal Studios Japan now.

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