Final Fantasy 15’s Tabata: Working On Console “100 Times More Difficult” Than PC

Ever since the launch of Final Fantasy XV on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, fans have been wondering when the game was coming to other platforms, including desktop PCs. Given that, Square Enix didn’t entirely surprise with the announcement of Final Fantasy 15 for PC at Gamescom. What was surprising is how much effort the publisher is putting into the PC version, with native 4K (3840 x 2160) support, additional resolution options up to 8K, and high dynamic range (HDR) color.

Some of those options are nowhere near the norm for PC players, so why is Square Enix going so far?

“Pursuing cutting-edge technology is at the very heart of Final Fantasy’s identity, and we want to evoke a new enthusiasm to play this game by displaying the world within it even more beautifully,” Final Fantasy 15 director Hajime Tabata told MCV. “Our aim is to make players want to play the PC version, even if they know about the console version. Moreover, by pursuing the PC version, it led us to improving our own development skills. By collaborating with Nvidia, we weren’t just able to make a PC version of the game; we were able to challenge ourselves in ensuring that we had the latest technological graphics.”

According to Tabata, the team and publisher view the Windows Edition of Final Fantasy 15 as another gateway into the universe for players. He also acknowledged that Square Enix has seen solid sales of its Final Fantasy releases on PC. In the end, Tabata says that working on the PC version has actually been a bit easier than the console versions, despite Square Enix having only been working on it this year.

“The console version, which required reconstruction from the very start for both the game itself and the engine, was more than 100 times more difficult,” said Tabata. “We felt a necessity for a PC version right after starting the development of the console version, and we began strengthening our game engines with the help of Nvidia in 2016 in anticipation of any projects that might come after the console version.”

And for you Nintendo Switch fans, a port to that platform is still on Tabata’s mind, as he noted earlier this year.

“I think it is important to think about how we can make use of the characteristics of Nintendo Switch in order to provide such a game to its players. I’m still looking for a way of handling that one,” he said.

Final Fantasy 15: Windows Edition is coming to Steam, Origin, and the Windows Store in early 2018.

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