Final Fantasy 14 Guide – A Guide To Final Fantasy 14 Gladiator Class

This Final Fantasy 14 Guide will feature the Gladiators. These fearless warriors are masters of all one-handed blade weapons, from short daggers to long swords. It does not matter whether the weapon is single or double edged, curved or straight. It does not matter because this Discipline of War emphasizes on combat tactics that will prepare its practitioners to whatever situations they might face.

If you love being the Tank of the party then you should roll a Gladiator in Final Fantasy 14. A Gladiator can be equipped with a shield to give him more armor points. Plus, Gladiators have various abilities that can help them gain enmity so that the enemies will attack them instead of other party members.

Then there are other Gladiators who want to deal as much damage as possible. These are the DPS-types who will fight without any off-hand weapon. They are well-trained sword fighters. Plus when the need arises, they can use throwing knives as range attack.

Final Fantasy 14 Guide on Gladiator Attacks

Gladiators have two basic attack actions using the sword and one action using the shield. These are:

Light Slash – this attack uses the sword to deal slashing damage to a target.

Light Stab – this attack uses the sword to deal piercing damage to a target.

Shield Bash – the Gladiator must be equipped with a shield to use this attack action. This deals blunt damage and a chance to interrupt spell casting. The target can not cast another spell for a short period after this attack.

Aside from these basic skills, Gladiators have various Weapon Skills that they can learn. These are:

Circle Slash – a slashing damage attack that deals damage to targets around the Gladiator.

Howling Vortex – this skill sends out a scary howl along with the attack that deals slashing damage. The target's casting speed is slowed down.

Luminous Spire – this skill imbues the Gladiator's sword with brilliance that deals astral damage. It also decrees the target's magic defense. Enemies within range are temporarily blinded.

Phalanx – Gladiator strikes from behind the shield, which deals slashing damage and increases enmity. This skill is only available after a successful block of an attack.

Red Lotus – Gladiator uses the power of flame to increase own attack power and deal Fire damage.

Spinstroke – when the target is not focused on the Gladiator, using this skill will increase attack power.

Final Fantasy 14 Guide on Gladiators will not be complete without tackling the abilities that can give the Gladiator an advantage during battles. These are:

Ambidexterity – focus is on the off-hand, which makes the cost of the next action to be half of the stamina gauge.

Cadence – Gladiator controls the pace of combat. This increases the power of the next attack when the Gladiator is in Battle Regimen mode.

Obsess – focuses on a single enemy that lessens the target's defense. Use this wisely because this skill also decrees the Gladiator's defense against the attack of other enemies.

Provoke – this increases the enmity and target focuses its attacks on the Gladiator.

Rampart – use this skill to protect oneself from attack. This increases defense and magical defense of Gladiators.

Still Precision – keeps the Gladiator steady, which results in the increase of accuracy but at the same time reduces evasion.

Aegis Boon – player gains HP for every damage done when blocking attacks with a shield equipped.

Cover – intercepts attacks on another party member by going between the target and the enemy.

Guard – Gladiator shields up to protect from attack.

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