Destiny 2: 4 Ways To Get Exotic Engrams Faster

Want to improve your chances of getting an Exotic Engram? Here are four tips to help increase your Exotic loot drop odds in Destiny 2.

Exotic Engrams are the best, most valuable Engrams currently up-for-grabs in Destiny 2. Everyone wants Exotic Engrams because you’re guaranteed to get an Exotic piece of gear when you crack these bad buys open. Exotics are one rarity above Legendary, and they’re pretty much always going to be awesome. Exotic weapons are by far the best — Exotic guns have unique appearances and animations that’s totally unique. No other tool in your Guardian’s arsenal will resemble an Exotic gun.

That’s why any Guardian worth their salt wants Exotic Engrams. Let’s be straight, up-front and totally honest — there are no truly “fast” ways to earn Exotic Engrams. That’s completely by design. Bungie wants Exotic Engrams to be incredibly rare, even if there’s an infinitesimal chance an Exotic will drop after every random enemy kill. These 4 tips will show you the best ways you can earn an Exotic Engram. Better than hoping and praying basic enemies will drop an Exotic, at least.

4 Exotic Engram Farming Tips

Exotic Engrams are the top-tier of Engrams, above Legendary Engrams — they appear as yellow items in your inventory. Whenever an Exotic item is dismantled, you’ll earn 10 Legendary Shards. We recommend keeping any of the Exotics you find, though. For a cost of Shards, you can “spend” weapons to make your Exotics more powerful, to match your level.

Getting Exotic Engrams is ridiculously hard, so we’re going to break down all the (known, so far!) ways to grab an Exotic Engram. These aren’t cheats or exploits, just tips and tricks from a Destiny 2 veteran.


When you’re ready to start swimming in Exotics, here’s a few tips and tricks to put you on the right path. Exotics are (technically) possible to earn through Nightfalls, patrols, and basically anything else in-game, but some methods are far better than others when it comes to Exotics.

TIP: For best results, I suggest playing during peak gameplay hours. That’s in the evening, though the exact time you’ll find the most players fluctuates depending on your region. Experiment and figure it out — you don’t want unpopulated public events!

#1: Complete Heroic Public Events

This is probably the most important step. As we explained in a previous guide here, Heroic Public Events are by far the best, safest way to earn an Exotic Engram. The chances of getting an Exotic Engram in the loot chest after finishing a Heroic Public Event are higher than any other method.

From The Director, check through each planet and region to see where Public Events are currently going down. Each Public Event that’s about to start features a timer — rush on down, and explore to see if other players are going to join you. I recommend reaching Level 20 before even attempting Heroic Public Events — at that point, as long as you have one or two extra Guardian helpers, you can complete every Heroic Public Event without issue.

Learn how to trigger Heroic Public Events during standard Public Events here.

#2: Purchase Fireteam Medallions

After completing the main story, you’ll recapture the last city and gain a new social sector — The Tower! With The Tower back, you can now visit the Eververse vendor in a more centralized location, away from The Farm. Eververse sells (and gives) Bright Engrams, but she’ll also sell you Fireteam Medallions.

Fireteam Medallions increase XP earned and give your Fireteam a loot drop bonus for the next 4 hours after purchase. They cost 15 Bright Dust.

Getting Fireteam Medallions before starting your Heroic Public Event farming sessions will significantly improve your loot drops, and even increase your chances of getting an Exotic Engram as a completion reward. Even better, Fireteam Medallions stack twice (x2) so you and another fireteam member can use one each to and increase your bonus further.

#3: Join Clans For Even More Loot Bonuses

Join a clan or create your own to get even better loot rewards. When you reach Clan Level 3, your Guardians can unlock a perk called “Public Service” that increases Public Event Rewards. That’s yet another enhanced loot modifier while completing Heroic Public Events, and it’s not too hard to accomplish. Gather a few friends, level up your clan, and enjoy all the extra Heroic Public Event loot.

#4: Fast-Travel For Faster Public Event Completion

Public Events always occur at the same time in every Destiny 2 server, and you can take advantage of that quirk in the code with fast-travel. If you’re completing a Heroic Public Event in a region with a fast-travel point nearby, and you’ve finished up the Heroic Public Event especially early, you can catch another on-going Public Event in the exact same spot on a different server.

Here’s what you do — after grabbing your loot from a complete Public Event, jump on The Directly and fast-travel to the same region you’re already in. You’ll swap servers and drop back into the region. Quickly Sparrow over to the previous event spot and see if it’s still on-going — if it is, you can complete it, grab loot, and fast-travel again.

This trick doesn’t always work, but it’s a handy way to double-up on Heroic Public Events when it does. Otherwise, use your Director to monitor public events across the galaxy. They’re always popping-off on multiple regions, across multiple planets. You’re bound to quickly find another one fast.

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