‘Darwin Project’ gameplay news: Battle royale game now in early access

SteamA promotional photo for “Darwin Project” on early access

With the battle-royale game genre rising to popularity in the last few months, games of the same genre will have to offer something different from the popular ones “Fortnite” and “PUBG.” “Darwin Project” that provides just that. The ten-player battle royale game will be highly influenced by outside forces.

While the popular battle royale games usually have a massive 100 player count, “Darwin Project” is content with ten players. However, the game is more than just a battle royale game as it is also nearly a show for people to watch. Gamers who have ever read or watched the “The Hunger Games” series will find this game quite similar.

In each match, aside from the ten players competing to survive in the game, there will be a show director. Since this is a “show,” the show director gets to choose what happens to the competitors. He or she can talk directly to the player, give health packs, drop nuclear storms or even make them go through gravity storms, per PC Gamer.

The show director generally does what their title says. As for the perspective of the gamers, it is quite different in the way that players will know where their enemies are given the footmarks in the snow since the game will be held in a snowy Canadian map. If the footsteps are fresh, the players nearby will also be shown an outline of that player.

To make it even more of a show, viewers and audiences even have a role they can play in each game. They can vote for what the show director will do next. The feature will be available on Twitch and Mixer, however, not much news was mentioned about this yet.

“Darwin Project” is for free¬†for those who have tried out the open beta or alpha version of the game. If not, the game costs $15 and is out by the summer but for now, it is playable on the Steam’s Early Access and Xbox’s Game Preview.

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