Creating a Gamer’s Resume – No Experience Required!

I get many emails from my subscribers asking for help with putting together a good resume. The most common problem with that is the pure lack of experience.

So how exactly can you get into the field of gaming without experience? Believe it or not, it’s not as hard as you may think. All you need to do is follow some simple steps.

You have to remember that no matter the level of the job, a resume is what will get you in the door. How can you possibly prove your worth if you can’t even get an interview? The answer is you can’t. Without that piece of paper you won’t be invited into the gaming job world.

First most important point is recognizing your worth and what it is you can bring to the table. So let’s run through the most important steps of creating a resume without having any work history at all.

* Start with a good clean layout. There are plenty of professional resume writing firms that supply samples of professionally written resumes on their websites. This can at least give you some ideas as to what a good resume will look like.

* Have a strong objective. Besides your name, this is the first thing that any employer will see. Without this clearly visible at the top of your resume, you won’t get noticed. Now most people think an objective simply needs to state what it is you want to do. WRONG. It needs to show your goals as well as what you can offer to the employer. A bad objective statement would be this “To become a game tester”. A good objective would be this “Hard working gamer looking for an opportunity to explore game testing. Brings 5 years of gaming to the table to help the company expand on their goals.”

You can clearly see the difference and why an employer would want to set up a potential meeting with the person behind the second objective statement. The employer is not here to make your life better, you are there to make their company run smoother. That is the point you need to get across.

* Focus on schooling. This is more for someone that has some college experience. You can clearly outline the points you’ve gained while attending a college or university. If you only have HS experience, then this would not even be listed anywhere on your resume at this point.

* Get some unpaid gaming experience. It’s quite easy to sign up for beta tests that do not pay you anything. With that, you can add these testing gigs to your resume and outline who you worked for, what you did, what you accomplished. This actually gives you experience without having a 9-5 type job.

* Clearly outline your skills. Everyone has skills of one form or another. So list them out in bullet points. This section should be focused on computers, software, hardware, etc.

* List your gaming accomplishments. This is not to say that you should have paragraphs upon paragraphs of things you have done in various game play. Instead you should bullet point style your personal accomplishments that would stand out to a gaming company executive.

Remember, the average employer only looks at a resume for about 8 seconds. They make a decision within those 8 seconds as to if you are worth their time. So make it count.

Although this may take some time to put together, the final outcome will be well worth it.

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