Why the maps suck in Call of Duty WW2

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41 thoughts on “Why the maps suck in Call of Duty WW2


    You're right this game is kinda garbage. There's potential to make it decent, but we all know it won't happen

  2. Great video. Everything you said was something I've been saying for a while, despite all my teammates disagreeing with me. I agree 100% with everything you said in this video.

  3. Call of Duty WW2 is a very very meh game. The maps are fucking terrible, the story sucks, and nothing is inspired, but the basic gameplay is decent. The developers defend it as trying to make the game "realistic to WW2". It's complete ass. Fuck this game. This is officially me being done with Call of Duty. Fuck this franchise. It's the most uninspired game I've played, maybe of the generation, but certainly this year.

  4. My play style is Spawn Chaser. I intentionally hunt the same players over and over, predicting where they spawn and taking the most direct route to them. I do pretty well I think.

  5. Buddy shows all the ways to get shot on the flank route in black ops 2 then compares it to running through the literal middle of the map in ww2. Like come on man.

  6. Disagree. 4 hours of gameplay and I've never had a problem with maps or spawns in the game. I understand the points you're making and they make sense, but I have never come across them in game. Idk I think its a pretty sweet game but maybe I'm looking through it with rose coloured glasses ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  7. I wish I could like this video 1000 times. Spot on great video. Old school Cod players have learnt the skill of flanking and being 1 up on the campers. Looks like camping is key in this game.

  8. I've found for myself that unless I'm already ads in the person's direction I'll never get the kill. Which is completely contrary to my play style (running and gunning).

  9. Exactly the same thoughts. Maps are too porous and quite frankly boring. All of them seem to be streets? Wtf… no beaches, fields, airports, woodlands, bunkers….yawn….

    Also a street map in the UK? UK hasn't been invaded on land since 1797… smh.

  10. i think WWII maps are good for division game. and bad for TDM or S&D games. this map remind us WWII movies witch people shot from every where and remind us the brutality of the WWII it self. i dont defence WWII maps but i say maybe we can look at them from this angle.

    any way i like your view.

  11. I agree the maps are no fun, more often then not, I look right first and bam the enemy is all of a sudden to my left. You never know when the enemy is gonna pop up. Imo this game will turn into a camp fest. No one wanting to move as the second you do, you die. There seems no way of telling where the enemy is, as you said you need someone watching your back at all times.
    One trick is to stick to the edge of the maps as you've always got one side of you flanked. But yeah bad map design and bad spawning is ruining the game atm.

  12. Seems like they were watching the success of Infinite Warfare while working on their pet project Advanced Warfare 2, when IW tanked, they were told to switch gears and put out WW2. This lack luster, unfinished, barely functioning game is what we got.

  13. See your point, definitely subjective though. The consensus seems to be that the SMG's are best and typically they're used in aggressive play. The open maps could help balance this? Gotta be quick

  14. FINALLY I agree! Besides a select few there's also a TON of three lane maps that are impossible to flank. Aachen and the boat one for example. You get spawned trapped so easily and it's near impossible to flank. And don't get me started on how fucking awful Gustav Canyon is.

  15. Pointe Du Hoc or whatever is my least favorite map by far. I'm a fan of the map with the big ass slanted train in the middle, that's probably my favorite. These maps aren't great, but I was not a fan of Black Ops 2 at all either.

  16. Preach. This is exactly what I thought. Absolute garbage maps. The old maps flow so well and you can hold down a spot or move through the map. Modern Warfare 1,2,3 remastered please.

  17. Listen buddy, cod likes their
    casual fans more than their hardcore. They want the average man who isn't a hardcore gamer to pickup a copy of ww2 and have an actual chance in multiplayer to have fun. In good maps, the hardcore gamers get a kill to death ratio of about 15:1 or whatever. This might be fun for the top player but not so much for the other players who keep dying. But with shitty maps, the top player is doing worse which gives casual players a chance of having fun and getting kills.

  18. so long story short, you hate the maps/game because you can't run and gun…

    you gotta slow it down bruh. I know everyone else has said this already but that's just the speed of the game. ww2 is slower than the usual CODs. especially the recent ones because there's not double jumping and wall running.

    you just might be one of those people who are just stuck in the nostalgia of cod4 and mw2 days. in that case. just stop playing because you're not gonna find what you're looking for.

    stay back in 2009.

  19. I really have enjoyed the maps so far granted ive only played like five hours but i like how they reward more defensive play styles

  20. I felt weird playing these maps. i had to adjust myself becuase i knew that there was either here or here and i naturally went with it. r
    These are just weird

  21. the maps are too fucking small is another problem. that's another reason why its so busy. mofos spawn right behind you. on a streak then oh wait shot in the back

  22. The maps seem to lean more towards domination mode, and playing towards the objectived, not the super aggressive level people usually use. Instead of a game that runs on rails, WW2 makes it so you can do anything. Literally anything. Not play with an smg in the same 2 spots, or stay in the same 1 spot with a sniper rifle. You can take any playstyle and apply it to any section of the map. This means you have to stay on your toes, stick with your team(not in a single room but sort of dominate a section of the map). If a teammate is on a corner and is alive, it might be clear. If you hear shots, scope in and be ready. If they die, there might be an enemy. It means you need more map awareness and to pay attention to surroundings. Pay attention to them dorritos on your minimap!

  23. I think the biggest problem is they're just too fucking small. 50 sightlines isn't a problem if the map density isnt so high that there's always going to be someone down one of the 50/50 chance sightlines

  24. i agree completely and now that i have watched your video i am noticing your point a lot more.. one thing i'd like to add that not many people have mentioned about the starting spawn area is that it is so big that you literally have to run around in the enemy spawn to get it to flip.. i think making an insanely large spawn area that nobody will ever go in besides to start the game on maps like aachen uss texas ardennes forest flak tower and gibralter are the problem.. large spawn areas where you can push up incredibly far without them flipping.. also i've noticed that there are very few secondary spawn points besides your initial spawns which is also a problem because most of the time you either keep spawning in the same spot or flip.. to top it off you have little to no cover in your spawn area while going into the spawn area there is a lot of cover so you take 3 steps out of your spawn and get killed then spawn in the same place all over again

  25. Agree 100% the maps are horrendous, only 9 is a joke. The reasons are clear, they want you to die a lot in a random way and they want to sell you dlc, period.

  26. My dude please talk about texas, that has to be the worst map besides that one map with the huge cannon in the middle of it

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