Live High and Killing on Call of Duty WW2 and Infinite Warfare and Black Ops 3

Welcome Ladies & Gentleman boys and girls to Live High and Killing on Call of Duty WW2 this is The J0k3R Show Live come chill with us with an interactive YouTuber up and coming gaming comedian come have some fun chill kick it relax and enjoy the show I’m super trash at all games that’s where the funny comes in lmfao so please talk all the crap you want I welcome haters and fans lol join the madhouse and sub become a patient start collecting lobotomies to win shout-outs or giveaways!!!!! like the show send us some love with donations or join our Patreon and show us love so the channel can grow also follow me on twitter, snap chat, Instagram, discord and even Facebook lol hell you can add me on Xbox and come play with us too noice so enough said welcome to The J0k3r Show

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