Gaming News: Palmer Luckey’s Controversy; PlayStation Experience 2016; Destiny 2 on PC? & More!


Today on TGN’s Gaming News we talk about the whole Palmer Luckey’s story, Destiny 2 coming to PC and more!
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Video by TGN Network Partner Globku:

Daily Beast on Palmer Luckey:
Devs pulling support for the Oculus:
PlayStation Experience 2016:
Destiny 2:
ASA Investigates No Man’s Sky:

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  1. you're free to support whoever you want. .. as long as you don't support Trump. such a bigoted industry going after a guy simply because he doesn't support Hillary.

    "they posted racist, anti-Semitic memes" like what? give examples you hack, don't just quote the tag lines, give examples.

  2. I forgot this guys country is ruined … Political
    Correctness at its finest… Oh well Fuck white people right every race and culture is better and less racist than white people …

  3. Geez Destiny on PC. That's going to be interesting. I already got fucked on the console version so I'm gonna give this at least a month. Inb4 massive player fall off.

  4. I appreciate TGN's non-partisan approach to gaming news, it's very refreshing. Though I would point out that Polytron doesn't actually produce games so they can't really be considered a game developer. All they do is throw a fit and "cancel" games when someone says mean things to them.

  5. I like how everyone would rather vote for someone who got hundreds killed rather than Trump because they don't want to be labeled as "Racist".

  6. As a skeptic, I would like you to show proof of these "Nastiest white supremacist, anti semitic memes on the internet". All you did was showing a Reddit post about an alleged rich guy who supports Trump and wanna promote donations for his cause. I ask for evidence since currently their website is down, I google "Nimble America meme" and see none of the things you mentioned, a lot more about Palmer Lucky in general. Since racism, supremacy and other buzzwords are tossed around for the smallest of reasons these days, I ask for evidence. This is not me supporting this group, but it's simply me wanting to see the full truth rather than just taking someone's word for it.

  7. But end of the day, as long as this was simply a promotion of Trump, even at the expense of mocking HIllary (let's be fucking honest, how my Hillary campaigns aren't there already mocking Trump) then this guy is completely free to support whichever president candidate he wants. It's fucking absurd people are policing other's political view and starting to boycott them if they just have different politics. Very "inclusive" and "progressive" lol.

  8. No man's sky was the most boring game I've ever played in my life, no exaggeration.
    Could have changed the world of gaming but I didn't make it.

  9. No man's sky was the most boring game I've ever played in my life, no exaggeration.
    Could have changed the world of gaming but I didn't make it.

  10. I have to say these Nimble America guys sound like real SOBs… I could care less if Luckey had given 100x more to several pro-Trump PACs etc., getting involved with this particular org and lying about it is sketch as hell

  11. People still play destiny? Sorry I had too lol. But none off the big publishers made out landish claims about they're games as much as Shawn Murray did

  12. I don't have an issue with Palmer Luckey being a Trump supporter. I however do not support him using money to back political campaigns considering that we as the consumers gave him all of his money while he can't even give us fucking Oculus Touch. All that money he has is because we paid for his products early on. His money came from the consumers. it came because we had faith that he would deliver a product on time which again and again has not happened. He shouldnt give significant funds to any political causes before he dumps them back into oculus. If he can give us Oculus Touch and room scale then he can do w/e he wants after that. But for now i have a 600 dollar rift sitting in a box because i don't have room scale while i make videos on my vive instead. Give me my touch THEN you can make your shitposting memes.

  13. Leave it to Palmer Lucky to shit all over the thing he use to dream about creating just because Mark Zuckerberg cut him a check.

  14. I'd rather vote for an honest douche bag than for a corrupt liar. And from the new email leaks it's slowly painting criminality on her part.

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