Gameshark Ruby Codes: How to use gameshark emerald and Ruby Codes


well for game lovers those are wondering What is Gameshark actually ? What does it do and how to use it?  A Gameshark device is used for modifying video games and unlocking new cheats. Like, with the Pokemon Ruby Gameshark codes, you can do things those are simply impossible in the game manually. There are a plenty of Gameshark codes, Gameshark Emerald or Ruby codes that can be use to do anything in your game While using a Gameshark may not be possible for everyone. As, it has its own perks and sparks. There is almost a similar device which does the things known as Action Replay.

First of all, Before searching the cheat codes, you must make sure it is for a particular game system like:  Xbox360, Playstation 3, Gamecube, Nintendo or whatsoever.For Example: In order to start working on Gameshark Emerald, Pokemon Ruby Gameshark codes and Gameshark Ruby Codes. You should  first work with the master code, which basically sets the game up for Gameshark use. This code is like:

530823D9 16558191

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GameShark is awesome and Blasting device, but Never and ever flood it with such cheat codes. If you activate too many cheat codes, the Game software will not come to  know how to handle so many changes and will show you error or alert box something like “TOO MANY CODES ARE ACTIVATED” Few of them will not be working. So, If you face such error or massage simply turn off your GBA and back to initial state again and than turn GBA again and activate few cheat codes to ignore such kind of massage.

Few Tips :

1. Most of Games such as  Pokemon, Grand Theft Auto including Vice City, San Andreas has loads of cheat codes.
2. Never use more cheat codes while you playing game. Only activate codes those are urgent to finish the mission
3. Never active all cheat codes once. Use only necessary codes to win the game.
4. Try to avoid the useless codes because higher number of codes may corrupt your game.

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