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Game consoles are the latest form of enjoying games in audio and visual formats. These multimedia enriched devices are used for enjoyment purposes. The built-in games in these gadgets are backed with many fabulous images which are developed by gaming console designers. The users can enjoy playing games on a television or computer. The games on these consoles are controlled using a hand-held controlled device which is connected with the console. This is well known as a controller. These controllers are backed with number of key buttons and directional controls. The controller is backed with number of buttons like analog joysticks which are used to control a picture or image on the screen. As a matter of fact, each button is assigned a purpose for coordinating with the images on the screen. The hand-held console comprises of vibrant display panel, speakers and controls of a console into one small object.

The game console is a form of interactive and innovative multimedia device which is used for entertainment purpose. It lets the users to play exciting games from his computer. The games on these devices are mostly controlled and manipulated with the help of a controller. As a matter of fact, these gaming consoles are gaining importance over the other entertainment devices, as some of the leading market names are joining hands with manufacturers. The Sony PSP, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii are the best-selling gaming consoles in the market. These devices are fantastic! It makes the whole gaming experience of a user highly thrilling and unforgettable. The Nintendo Wii from the house of Nintendo is the backed with the highly used features and functions.

The Nintendo Wii games are played without tangling with the wires, as it restraints the functions with the help of wireless remote. This amazing Nintendo Wii gaming console was introduced in the 2006. This device is available in many colours such as black, white, silver, lime green, red and white. On this console, the users can discover innovative menu-interface which guides you through the user-friendly options. The user can play and download music in MP3 format on his Nintendo Wii. On this console, the users can download classic games from the Wii Shop Channel and play them on their Wii through the Virtual Console Channels.

On this console, the users can play various categories of games such as shooting, action, arcade, racing and many more. The excellent graphics and high-end features make the gaming environment alive among the users.

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