Galaxy S7 vs. Nexus 6P vs. Galaxy Note 5 vs. Moto X Pure Edition


How about a quick comparison of the Galaxy S7 to the best 3 Android phones of 2015, the Nexus 6P, Galaxy Note 5, and Moto X Pure Edition.

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  1. Nice vid. Wonder why you did not compare S7 edge with Note 5, I think people who would buy Note 5 would not get S7, they'd either wait for next note or get S7 edge.

  2. Came here for the Nexus and the Moto x. Got babbling about samsung for the first 6 minutes. Not mad tho. They're nice phones to stare at.

  3. if only the Samsung s7 came with the option of stock Android I would've picked it up. instead, I purchased the 6P. Touchwiz is horrible.

  4. where did he get that wallpaper on the 6p love it by the way i have an s7 edge for two months now bet phone i have ever had ive never had a nexus phone but the touchwiz on the s7 is super fast and too me its not a bother

  5. I went ahead and picked up a GS7 edge to see myself if it was better than my 6P, and if the edge didn't lag while being used for mundane things like scrolling through mobile Web pages, it would have been great. But it freaking does! I can't believe that a phone with so much power (the S7 edge) can't be smooth all the time! Maybe if it had like 10GB of RAM? Well it's going back to Best BUY ASAP. Too bad, because I'll also have to return the free $200 TV that was offered with it. Check out my comments here :

  6. Once again the Moto x Pure gets shit on. I own it, I have used an s7 edge (work Phone) . I have compared performance ,camera, and speakers.

    -speakers = Moto x

    -Performance =S7 (by a hair)

    -camera = Tie

    -OS experience = Moto x (no bloat)

    -Screen = S7 (only because I am also partial to AMOLED displays, but seriously, both quad hd resolution, besides color you wont notice a thing which is what this reviewer Should have said, he makes it sound like your like at a pile of dog crap on Moto x)

    -Price = Moto x (half the price, end of story)

    -Battery life= S7, the tests proves its just better and last alot longer.

    -Features= Tie, for wireless charging and fingerprint sensor, nothing to report on moto x, however the Moto x quick charges much faster than the S7 ( 75 minutes vs 90 minutes from 0-100%)

    – Durability= Moto x, both water resitant , but drop test show this new glass design by samsung is fragile. I have dropped the Moto x a half dozen times with a cheap TPU case on it , and 1-2 times before the case and no damage at all.

    Couldnt tell the difference from the cameras really. I dont know why they keep saying the camera is just OK.
    The camera on the LG stylo,HTC 9, etc is OK. The Moto x pure is EASILY a top 5 smartphone camera. No OIS and mediocre night time performance are the only things that keep it from being the best. When smartphone manufactures dumb down the Mega Pixels it makes images that you zoom in on grainy and unclear . Again, this is Something that EVERY Smartphone review has seemed to miss since the Iphone 4 when each year Samsung would bring out a phone with double the MP of Iphone yet Iphone still had the best camera on the market? explain how zooming into a grainy pile of crap is having the best image?

    Again, this comes down to value. If i was a millionaire, sure, I may go for the S7 or Edge because if it cracks I can get 10 more. And yes, the battery life is nice, the 820 snapdragon half a millisecond of performance boost is nice but if you're not rich, and looking at it in a real life usage and comparison, its a much better deal to get the Moto x. Im not saying to buy it because your broke, I can afford both, However , is it reasonable to spend double on a smartphone that gives you so little in return?

  7. micro sd card slots should be in all phones , im not going to be overpriced on memory when i could just get a phone thats only a little different for half the price and lets me upgrade. im looking at you nexus. Moto x takes the win , also the cameras on moto x are not worse than the 6p , i watched a comparison video , at close range they are identical. moto wins at distance and nexus wins in darker enviroments. so yeah ,ello moto

  8. My friend highly recommend the Moto X Pure over the Nexus 6p. That's what I bought yesterday, I hope I don't regert it.

  9. This phones are getting ridiculously big. Why would you even want a phone you can't even fit in your pocket, especially when tablets exist. Lol I remember when the cool thing was making the thinest and smallest phone possible, but now we are going to back to when cell phones where too big to carry haha.

  10. the battery life is so much better on the s7 than the note 5 I only got max 3 hours SOT on the note 5 but the s7 I get 4-5.5 hours SOT it's amazing

  11. How is the screen on the Nexus 6p compared to the note 5? I know both are 5.7 inch screens but are they the same screen to body ratio? Or is the Nexus 6p a smaller display?

  12. I go for the Moto x pure edition, be I have the 64GB version and it has 2.47GB of ram instead of 3GB of ram which made me mad but I wish the Moto x had a 1080p display instead of the 1440p display because it makes it over heat, but other than that, I play a hardcore 3D game and it stays at 60-70 fps, so that makes me happy, my only complaint is the 1440p display and the 2.47GB of ram, but it's the best phone for the money

  13. moto x pure just had a sale for $250 for a 32gig. Hard to beat that..when the others are 2-3x more expensive 🙂

    unless you need the absolute best ofc ;)

  14. What about call Volume in the 6P? Seems like no one talks about call volumes in these models phone reviews. It's really important to have good call volume….after all….it IS a "phone".

  15. Im really thinking about purchasing the Moto X …but I really want the S7….but is it really worth paying the extra 400 bucks for it?

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