Fun Nintendo Wii Games for Young Children


Young children love to play video games and many experts say spending sometime doing so can help with hand and eye coordination. Of course you do want to limit the amount of time a child plays the Wii so that they don’t become too dependent upon it for their entertainment. They should still be exploring their skills and developing their creativity.

Since it is important for children to become active from an early age, the Wii Sports package that comes with the gaming console is a good one to start with. There are many different ones to choose from. They can help your child get some basic skills they can use for little league as well.

Children about 8 years of age may really enjoy the Madden NFL football. If they have favorite teams and players then they will really love being able to choose them. There are several versions of the Madden NFL games too due to the popularity of them. This is a great game that children can play with their parents too. The kids will be able to grasp the concepts easily and the parents won’t feel like they are playing a little kids video game.

Mario games are always fun for people of all ages. The Mario Kart game is one children from the age of five up will really get a kick out of. They get to use the steering wheel accessory to play this game too if you invest in one. You will find it adds a new dimension of fun to this game though. Playing it with the regular Wii controller just isn’t the same.

Keeping Mario in the track and racing to the finish line is going to provide them with hours of fun. You will get plenty of laughs out of it as well. Watching your children go in circles and even driving full throttle backwards is enough to make any parent giggles with amusement.

If your child is interested in outer space then there is another Mario game they would like. It is called Super Mario Galaxy and it is fun for those about 7 years of age and older to enjoy. For those children who enjoy games that are puzzles and will exercise their brain consider either Boom Blox or Quest for Barbaros Treasure.

There are some themed Nintendo Wii games that your pre teens will likely enjoy. There are the games that are from the Star Wars Saga that everyone seems to love. There are also the Harry Potter games that both boys and girls of this age group will find exciting and challenging.

In order to ensure your children are enjoying the Wii you want them to have some games that are at or slightly higher than their age level. You should allow them to help you pick some of them out as well. Many parents don’t like to invest a great deal of money in these games though. This is because their children will quickly outgrow them or just get tired of playing them.

A great way to save money and to still give them plenty to play with is to buy used Nintendo GameCube games. They are backwards compatible so they can be used with the Nintendo Wii. Even if the games don’t come with instructions you can download them from the internet if you are struggling to figure out the concepts and strategies for particular games.

You will need to pay attention to the likes and dislikes of your child when it comes to the games you buy them for the Wii. Some children don’t like puzzles while others love them. Some won’t play sporting games while others will want to play nothing else. Try to have a good variety of video games they can choose from though. They may pick up something new and find they are interested in it when they never knew that before.

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