Free Apple iPad + iTunes Gift Card Is It a Scam?


Get Your Free Apple iPad + iTunes Gift Card Here

“Get your free gadget here!Get your free coupons here!” are you use with those phrases? Many of you will agree that most of the time those offers were just a scam and they are just ways to complete an offer. However there are still legitimate companies who is really giving away such free items.

Your question might be “how will I know if the offer is real?” And “how will I know if I’m on a win win situation?”

Here are some guidelines you might consider:

1. First of all many free offers are base on geographical areas mostly US/Canada residents so don’t expect much if you are outside these areas.

2. You are going to complete an offer that’s for sure, and have some insights if is it worth giving your personal information? Or will I miss something If I don’t act immediately?Well sometimes you need to make up some decisions here.

3. Read 1st their terms and condition and check if they have contact us page. From there you can almost see that they are legitimate.

4. Try to email them 1st before you complete an offer to make sure they value their subscribers/customers once they replied to you. If they don’t reply to you after 24 hrs, then move to the other offer it’s not worth your time.

5. If they replied to your 1st email, its time to complete their offer. The moment they replied to you meaning they value you as their client. Make sure you are about to give them your valid informations: 1) Your real contact numbers (since they will be calling you!), 2) The exact shipping address and 3) Your name.

6. After submission is done, you have to wait for a call since some of these offers where in raffle (its really chances for raffle draws), some where 1st come 1st serve, and some have  series of offers on which your chances are good enough.

7. Answer their questions politely and you might be the one to bring home your free apple iPad or Itunes or any gadget within the offer

Free Apple iPad + iTunes Gift Card Here

I hope this article helps you with the issue regarding freebies scam. If you find this article helpful you can share it to your friends I would be glad if you do. Thanks for your time reading my article.

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