Emmanuel Macron has positioned himself in favor of the deployment of 5G, thus responding to the mayors of Grenoble, Lyon and Villeurbanne who have asked for a moratorium on this technology.

“Yes, France will take the 5G turn.” This is Emmanuel Macron’s clear answer to the 70 elected representatives of the left and environmentalists including the mayors of Grenoble, Lyon and Villeurbanne who have signed a petition in favor of a moratorium on this technology. In front of digital companies, Monday, September 14, the Head of State joked about those who would prefer “the Amish model” and the “return to the oil lamp”.

“France is the country of the Enlightenment, it is the country of innovation (…) We are going to wring our necks out of all the false ideas”, insisted the president in front of a hundred entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs of the “French Tech”. He spoke the day after the request for a moratorium on the deployment of 5G emanating in particular from Eric Piolle, Grégory Doucet, Jean-Luc Mélenchon and Yannick Jadot. The allocation of frequencies for this mobile technology should begin at the end of the month in France.

“Macron should read the IPCC reports”

“I hear many voices rising to explain to us that we should address the complexity of contemporary problems by going back to the oil lamp! I do not believe that the Amish model can solve the challenges of contemporary ecology “, mocked the Head of State, referring to this American religious community hostile to technology and which lives as in the 18th century.

“Instead of despising the elected representatives of the territories who demand a debate on 5G, Macron should read the IPCC reports and respect the rules of the (Citizen’s Convention for the Climate)”, retorted the mayor of Grenoble Eric Piolle on Twitter. “To make what is dear to us last, strategic choices are needed: let’s do them together!”, he added.

The government’s decision to allocate frequencies in September “takes place without a climatic and environmental impact study or any prior public consultation”, Deplore the 70 elected left and environmentalists in a column published by the Sunday newspaper. “We ask that priority be given to reducing the digital divide, through the development of fiber in rural areas and by finalizing the deployment of 4G”, They also write.

He also recalled that the stimulus plan would target 7 billion towards the digital sector, in particular for the digital transformation of the State. Emmanuel Macron has finally defended a sovereign digital Europe. “On 5G and many other subjects, we should not depend on any non-European power”, he hammered.

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