Forza Horizon 3 (Xbox One) – EP19 – Rally 240Z


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Fry up some bloomin’ onions, it’s time to hop the equator to Australia in Forza Horizon 3! The Horizon series embraces Forza’s console arcade-racing gameplay, in an open-world drift-em-up party atmosphere that I’m about 15 years too old for! We’ve got many friends playing this game also, such as VintageBeef, ConeDodger, and more, so look forward to some multiplayer mayhem!

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  1. That was a good estimation of the dangersign distance difference, it worked out to 1.96 inches (assuming values were exact), 2 inches is a remarkably reasonable estimation

  2. You can make your nose plowing Datsun understeer much less if its AWD system has a center differential. Adjust it so that more than half of the power is going to the rear wheels. It'll take a bit of trial and error, but you'll end up with an AWD car that can be steered with the throttle, but will still keep you from ending up pointing the wrong direction.

    Tires have a set amount of usable grip. Any used for propulsion can't be used for steering.

  3. i dont know if it is just me or is kurt always making his gears longer an than complaining that he cant get in 6th gear?

    i thought he learned in dirt and co that a car need a short gear to have accereration ant to get up into higher gears
    and with that he will finaly reach his top speeds

    because what use is a higher top speed when you max out before you can get to it…
    i don´t understand

  4. NOOO don't be that guy… don't be that guy, you know… we all know that guy. someone who puts a wing on this little hatchback even though its a front wheel drive car and the down force from the wing does more bad then good. or you camber the wheels SooOo much that it looks like you could ride on the wall of a pipe,… even though its a normal everyday car.
    don't be that guy Kurt. /)_<

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