Flashing Xbox 360 With Laptop


Use the following steps for flashing Xbox 360 using your laptop.

Make sure that you first connect your laptop and Xbox console using Ethernet cable. After connecting your Xbox and the Ethernet using the laptop, you must make sure to change the internet properties so that you will be able to share the wireless internet using the Ethernet adapter. Open ‘Network Connections’ and right click on the wireless network connection and select properties. After this you must click on the sharing tab here, the top box should not be checked. After ensuring that the top box is unchecked, you need to do the same for local area connection.

At times, you may not find the sharing tab and in such case, you need not worry. You must highlight the wireless network connection and the local area connection and create a bridge between them. Once the bridge is created, you will be able to see the dropdown where you will find the bridge that you have created just now. You must add our local area connection to the bridge. Once this is done, you can connect to your Xbox.

You can use the following method also for flashing your Xbox 360 with laptop:

1. You need first connect your laptop to your wireless network.

2. Next, you must connect your laptop to your Xbox 360.

3. Go to Start Menu then go to Run and type ncpa.cpl.

4. Then select your local area connection and right click. When you right click, you will be able to find the sharing tab.

5. Here, you must remember not to allow the other network users to connect to the internet through this computer. All that you need to do here is to uncheck the first box.

6. Once you have unchecked the first box click Ok.

7. As a next step, you should create a bridge between your local area connection and your wireless network connection.

8. At times, you might get an error message where the error message will say that you need two connections, which are not used by the internet. If you get that error message, you try to create a bridge for your wireless network connection too. This should solve your problem.

9. As a next step, select the system blade by going to the dashboard of your Xbox 360. Here you need to edit the network settings.

10. Here go to basic settings tab, select the following options IP Address, IP Settings, Subnet Mask, and Gateway and press A. Choose the Automatic options and then click on A.

11. Click B and test the Xbox live connection. If the test runs without any problem, you have succeeded in flashing Xbox 360 with laptop.

There is more than one method for flashing Xbox 360 with laptop. Rather than getting confused with too many methods, try to master just one method and stick to it so that you can avoid confusions.

I hope this insider tips is all you need the next time you need to Flash your xbox 360 with any laptop.

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