First Ever! Blind Phone Test – Nexus 6P, 5X, Moto X Pure Edition


In an effort to get you the most honest content, I went out and blindly asked some nice people what were their thoughts on these new devices. I apologize for the auto focusing problems, the problem has since been corrected.

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  1. Awesome.. Definitely something I've noticed too some phones that weigh the same or even more on paper can feel much lighter in the hand..

  2. are those real fruits on the tree?
    come on why isn't anyone eating them already? what are they are those oranges ??

  3. I went from the moto x pure to the 6p and couldn't be happier. I liked the moto, but the moto apps were hit and miss. Moto voice was just aggravating as it could barely recognize voice from head to lap height. The lock button was wiggly, the battery life was okay at best, and finally the headphone jack broke on me.
    6p ticks all the boxes I want. Wish I'd gone with it first.

  4. "It's definately not apple"

    What were you expecting? Another iPhone?

    Also, what if you gave them HTC One A9? Would they think it's iPhone for a second?

  5. watching this again and I wonder… do you think the results would have been any different if it was more balanced between Android and iPhone users? just a thought.

  6. Yeaaa…..I'm gonna need you to start reporting everything, please and thank you. News, wildlife documentaries, weather, politics….just everything. That'd be great…..

  7. those people are the most biased ever ISHEEP they be saying that they're "too big" but when they get a 6s plus they say it's the perfect size

  8. Good video but I think it could have definitely had wayyy less iPhone users. I feel like they were all experiencing a little shock value of never holding a big phone before to actually judge it on other aspects as much as they could have.

  9. Sooo…..yeah that video didn't really tell me anything. They should have picked their phone without having to look. I'll bet my bottom dollar some of those decisions were based off of looks at the last minute.

  10. This was a great video, different from most reviews and the honest feedback was refreshing! Go 5X!!! I wish I had the mint instead of the black though :)

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