Final Fantasy XV Was Toned Down Due To “Age Rating Criteria”


Final Fantasy XV had to be toned down during development from certain themes planned since Final Fantasy Versus XIII. To quote: “By the way, in Versus 13 Lucis was set as a country of Reaper worship. This setting is a violation of the age rating criteria for games in some countries, so we cannot push these themes. To replace these theme, we have a backbone setting of “black as a special colour.” And I hope you will wait for more information to come on this.”

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Director Hajime Tabata’s statement:


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  1. I heard many people saying that depending the Voice acting you choose in the game some of the Cutscenes and a little Part of the ending, are slightly different … could you Please check if this is true ???

  2. While the whole reaper thing is gone the story still isn't toned down, the darker parts were cut and put into the anime and movie but they added scenes from the movie and omen trailer into the game.

  3. this game was butchered for business reasons!…. FUCK YOU SQUARE ENIX for shitting on my childhood AGAIN!!!!

    I want to punch the executives at Square Enix SOOOOOO fucking hard!…..

  4. Wait does this mean that FF will no longer have religious undertones? ALL JRPGs have religious undertones. in fact, most FF games is about killing god. WTF they better not change the end fight in FFVII remake cuz of this.

  5. Yo, that's pretty badass to have their city bound to Reaper worship. If the imagery is still in the game I guess it was actually left intact, just without mention.

  6. HAHA so FFXV is basically Batman v Superman of final fantasy. Both have shit story and were toned down to appeal to the mass.

  7. I love how their way to "tone down sexuality" was censoring shiva, one of the dumbest things i have seen, she is a blue skinned fictonal diety, How sad is china? thank goodness i don't live there. they seem to be fucking it up for everyone else.

  8. apparently they also took Luna scenes out where she is mistreated as a child because of SJW outcry. I hate censorship in all it's stupid forms.

  9. Square Enix will be a thing of the past real soon. A Triple A title publisher that releases trash game after trash game. FF15 was their chance to make a welcome comeback and they failed so hard.

  10. You could tell just bu playing the game that much of its vision was sacrificed. They never did enough with it and now i know part of the reasons why

  11. look ffxv I enjoyed you but I expected you to have a fuller story and much more cut scenes. hell I was entirely expecting a 100+ GB base game, hope the updates and such help but my first play through felt lacking.

  12. I wonder why china is soo paranoid to not let a game be what it was meant to be. If only china was a small country that didn't impact the money a game makes.

  13. to start off, Lunas story was cut because of her getting hit according to some leaks. the rest is just my rant.
    I hated 13 so much. not being able to explore, being stuck in linearity. not being able to explore in XV, can't explore past duscae. should be had more to explore in altissia, should've been able to explore the glacian area, should've been able to explore tenebrea, should've been able to explore more of the area where you're on the way to the empire. should've been able to explore more of the dark world and insomnia. the end game dungeons are so stupid, zero thought placed into them. just an empty dungeon with monsters and some new items. the story is incomplete and the game is really incomplete. so depressing and I'm glad so many people are speaking up and calling them on it. this is not the game we've been waiting 10 years for. the ascension system is boring. magic is dumb. the music is amazing, she did an amazing job on it. the "regular" dungeons themselves are so … empty and boring too. they aren't anything close to what classic FF dungeons are where you get more story there and shit. everything is so depressing about the game. doing pitioss is.. different, but its just mindless and irritating. there's nothing good or memorable about that at all.

  14. religious undertones aren't at all new to the series. Heck, FFX was all about religion. It's a shame to see that censored, but at least knowing this makes the design choices make more sense.

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