Final Fantasy XV Walkthrough Part 3 PS4 PRO Gameplay lets play Final Fantasy 15 – No Commentary


Final Fantasy XV Walkthrough Part 1 PS4 PRO Gameplay lets play Final Fantasy 15 – No Commentary

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  1. Ok I am so confused, the Empire LITERALLY has them in their grasp and the Ambassador lets them go each time… I am just wondering what the end game is here because the Empire doesn't really seem to have all it;s ducks in a row.

  2. Interesting to see tho that the people at Squeenix still can't do quest design. Can only imagine the discussions …
    "Allright, so …. then they go there and take a boat."
    "Well, we gotta make the player do something first tho, otherwise it's too easy"
    "Right … how about this: The boat is broken, and they need to go get spare parts?"
    "Good, good. But what? Engine parts? No … that would be too easy and make too much sense, they'd expect that … "
    "What about Mithril?"
    "Brilliant! We make them search for a supposedly extremely rare metal that needs to be used to fix something as mundane as a boat! They'll NEVER see that coming!"
    "Oh, Oh, also, let's hide it in some old ruins where it supposedly exists according to some myths, guard it with a big-ass boss and then just have it lying on the ground randomly."
    "You, sir, have earned a promotion!"

  3. i see that you stop the car for a moment, Hassan. Probably u must be thinking that 'what if they (imperials) plant a tracker on the car'. so you stop that the car thinking what might be waiting at the end of the tunnel. Just my thoughts…

  4. i like how they have cell phones but noctus and luna just use dog messanger that always find him some how after a boss fight and write a small sentence to each other like wtf and i like how thay dog has some real balls to not get distracted by a bird or something

  5. I've been searching for a while about the song at 6:40 and i cant find nothing. I've seen people on the comments saying "Noctis Nightmare" but thats just a title that fits the cutscene. if anyone knows the name tell me cuz its an amazing piece of music. One of the best OST ive heard in all year

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