Final Fantasy XV – Top 5 Tips and Tricks Most People Dont Know (1080P 60FPS PS4 Pro)


Final Fantasy XV – Top 5 Tips and Tricks Most People Dont Know (1080P 60FPS PS4 Pro)
The tips covered in this video are the best ways to earn EXP. The best way to earn AP and the best way to earn gil aswell as using the ingame “God mode” and also to abuse justice monster 5 for some amazing items.

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  1. in regards to AP there is a way more efficient way, not sure if anyone has mentioned it already but you need the shield armiture weapon. there is a camp south west of hammerhead that has a small clearing in the mountain that spawns 2 to 4 enemies all in a single group, the shield has an aoe when warp striking and if you get it timed right you will kill all enemies before aggro and can immediately whistle and fight and you won't have to wait for the obnoxious after battle animation (I don't believe you get xp though).
    let me know if you want a little more info, I can add you on ps4 and stream and show you. basically going from morning to dark (in game, 1 full day) and you get about 600 AP, usually takes about 25-30 minutes for a day to pass then go rest at the campsite for the next day.

  2. Easy mode is easy mode, not "God Mode". Plus the game informs you that you'll receive aid on easy mode. Not a secret there really.

  3. I kinda want someone to just grind Ap and gill for me because im apparently doing everything wrong im still not earning the 1k an hour people talk about

  4. bro your rare coins are being wasted on that method. do all the elements. attach a moogle charm (per member or if you have more attach 3 to each), do the food thing. you can easily get 40-50k exp per cast. I also invested in the extra magic crafting early on so I was able to cast 7 spells. you can easily go from 0 exp to a million in less than 15 min (then do the 3x exp hotel). Also get gladius up to level 10 and he basically non stops picks up rare coins.

  5. hold the left stick down when playing justice monsters five to cut to the center (for those annoying matches with 1 bumper) using this method in the second outpost (beginning of the game) to get the celstriad, emerald bracelet, and I think it was platinum bangle (I farmed 3, and sold the celestriad for 15k Gil) made my second game an interesting experience. if you can master cutting (it's just a reversed mirror) you can cut the time to farm the high level chest items significantly (discovered it farming lord vexos lol) hope it helps.

  6. Bringing up the adamantoise, did anyone else try to do the mission at first and then realize he's level 99 while you're grossly under leveled compared to him lol

  7. what food is he saying to eat at 4:30? I've replayed the video 20 times and I can't understand what he's saying…"maufering child rise bolt" is the best I got.

  8. why would u need ap.. u cant use multiple partner skills anyway, so no point spending toomuch besides 30-40 total. wait mode no point etc etc. nothing to spend on

  9. AP grinding: get the shield of the just, and point blank warp-strike skill, and instant kill entire mobs to save farming time. 5~700 ap an hour? Try 1k :)

  10. That AP grind is actually a slow way. I can double the amount of AP gained in an hour. use the shield of just as it has a big area of effect so you can wipe out 4 of those dog/wolf enemies. you want to kill them all before the battle animation starts and then as soon as you hit them with the shield, use the monster whistle again. i gained about 1300AP in an hour from this method

  11. Wow you're good at this game. I didn't know it was so involved. Should've waited to put in my 60 day FF Heavensward online subscription. Right now I'm level 43 in FFXV. Thought I was almost done. lol

  12. If you're not going to show footage of all you need, could you load subtitles so I can understand you better? The audio is a bit mumbly.

  13. the carbuncle summon doesn't work all the time on easy difficulty I have game overed a few times relying on this method… SAVE YOU GAME BEFORE YOU USE THAT METHOD

  14. Someone's probably mentioned this but pressing L3 (Auto-sprint thingy) when your stamina bar is down to the bounds of S in the "ST" while sprinting refills your stamina bar, letting you have pretty much infinite sprinting. Found this pretty nifty when ranging that Ravatogh path thingy for example.

  15. I feel elemency is overpowered compared to weapon stats. but I use the hell out of it. I kill the zu in 2 hits with my spells. no limit break either.

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