Final Fantasy XV – Sword of the Tall (Costlemark Tower Dungeon) – Royal Arm #9


DISCLAIMER: I don’t know if this is the only route to beat the “puzzle” that it is the final maze for Sword of the Tall. I do wanna note that sometimes (not sure) which entrance you are getting is random. The one in the video sometimes popped us as the third, sometimes as the second and sometimes as the fourth (Yes, I tried this several times till i figured it out, also got 15 levels out of it.)

In order to get an entrance you press the mechanical tile/cube and you’ll go down, eventually you’ll reach a floor with a dozen Flans and a Giant. in the centar of that room there’s another mechanical tile/cub. Press it up and you’ll go up to the place where you first went down. Note that there’s a red button; This one takes you to the entrance of the dungeon. You’ll probably get a second tile/cube, go down and you’ll face another dozen flans and two giants (it maxes out at three giants and a medusa).

If you are lucky the third time will place you at the start of the video. If you are wondering what’s waiting for you after the video, it’s a level 38 boss that its easy compared to the Giants.

EDIT: Dunno why the PS4 recorded with this quality, but it is what it is!

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  1. it only lets me proceed through the block thats by itself not the ones that are together by the teleporter how can you go through those ones but i can only go through the one

  2. I had a bug in this cus I didn't go to the tomb first and fought the boss but I didn't receive the sword then when I when I went back the second time to the boss fight the cutscene came one and I completed the quest however the boss was still alive but I couldn't fight it. So I was forced to quit the game it didn't even auto save which pissed me off

  3. how the am i suppose to know that fucking thing that allowed me to go further..? fuck i always go back to entrance over and over again thank god u help me…

  4. OMG ! The Bombs are such BS! Like you have 2 of them and then out of NOWHERE you're fighting like 50 of them and you can't move. And don't even pop a Phoenix down because they just explode and that down get's wasted. As you can see I didn't beat the dungeon because of these electric bastards.

  5. im at lv51 and the reason why im here is because of Dinos stone. But since im already here, i wanted to get that armiger. Looks like im stuck. Do I have to get a certain quest for it? i was able to locate the secret sealer door and fought 3 red giants tho…

  6. it took me awhile to realize this but its not a glitch.If you go look for the sword in the tomb there's a note.YOU MUST READ THE NOTE OR THE CUT SCENE WILL NOT ACTIVATE!!!!After gaining the sword of the tall look for a circular panel on the floor.Run across it and it will teleport you back to the entrance.Besure to spread the word.This has been tricky for many players and a lot of vid gamers skip these two every important details.other then that be sure to go in fully stocked with healing items and PD's.Plus be at least be lvl 60 or higher.this is not for the faint of heart.

  7. I'm done with this game, I was about to finish this shitty dungeon for the sword of the tall, and then my screen couldn't rotate, so I couldn't operate all the Walls

  8. Watching this video pisses me off even more that I got to where I wanted before falling out of the map and being teleported back outside…….

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