Final Fantasy XV – Special Edition Unboxing


Today on the Wednesday Show, Jirard unboxes the special, limited edition of Final Fantasy XV!

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  1. Ultimate Collectors Edition. If you put it in the title probably more people will watch it since it is pretty rare. Great video tho!

  2. Jirard looks so cute opening that box, and in the whole video 🙂

    Also, please this time stream regularly, I know it's hard, but please make an effort to continue streaming after the first 2 or 3 sessions, thanks.

  3. Hey whoever is handling the Comments for Jirard, next time he does an unboxing, plant a fake severed head that resembles one of his friends with a note near the top that says: "…Youre next, Gerard." Like in messy red or black ink.

  4. Final Fantasy XV is finally out and it's good. Wow, first time ever that a game that took forever was good. In other news, I'd love to see a Final Fantasy game covered (I myself would go in order and do the Japanese 2 (America's 2 being FF4)).

  5. Yo, you should do an office tour for a Wednesday video soon! Show us where you record beard bros, the completionist set, and maybe even go bother Jesse and dodger and stuff in their offices for a quick second

  6. You know what's weird?
    After the Game Awards footage, this completely unrelated unboxing video has gotten me even more excited for Breath of the Wild. Just the prospect of unboxing it like this gets me hyped.

  7. Why doesn't anyone making unboxing videos own a pocket knife? You don't spend 24 millennia breaking seal stickers when you have a pocket knife.

  8. I bought the deluxe edition and I prefer the cover art for that version but I think ima eventually buy an unopened collector's edition

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