Final Fantasy XV – Secret Scene at end of Story – Happy Ending & Origin of FFXV Logo – Post-credits


Here is the final scene of Final Fantasy XV’s/15’s Story. This secret scene comes after the credits and shows Noctis and Luna reuniting in what appears to be the afterlife, along with the photo Noctis took from Prompto to remember his adventures.

We also learn the origin of the Final Fantasy XV Logo and what it was based on, as well as see a new addition to it.

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  1. I think that this scene was the best way to end the game. It showed that despite his death, he still remained happily with Luna in the afterlife, as well as fulfilling his duty as a king by reclaiming the throne

  2. So wait, he's in the afterlife with Luna and that's it? Is like Noct ever going to see his friends again or… I mean I know the photo but maybe he kept that for the wait before they died? Sorry, I just beat the game like an hour ago and I'm torn…

  3. I wish they would patch the game after a while to allow you to take screenshots after the final boss is over that was just strange to me. I get not spoiling the game online but after a while they should lift the block.

  4. I don't know, that part about how the logo was really her in that pose the entire time, that kind of blew my mind. I loved this

  5. I didn't like the ending at first but then I thought of it like this. Yes noct is dead, and possibly prompto, gladiolus, and ignis, but this is there reward. After 10 years of fighting, they all receive a "fantasy" in which they all live there life like nothing ever happen. Noct is king, he's married to Luna. The guys are also alive and are still with him. They truly have their own Final Fantasy. Unless the DLC wants to toy with our emotions to.

  6. This is along with titanic, and kingdom hearts 2 are some of the few endings that actually got to my feels area, and it takes alot to get to that area for me.

  7. I love how Noct's pose at the end is just like the pose at the end of the original FFvsXIII trailer with his hand on his face and his legs crossed.

  8. My take on this is that this is literally FINAL FANTASY. The wedding being their final wish before they pass on… f*ck just typing this comment makes me tear up T_T

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