Final Fantasy XV sales news, future DLC, Dissidia & new FFVII remake director


Final Fantasy XV sales news, future DLC, Dissidia & new FFVII remake director: Lots to cover in final fantasy before the christmas holiday. FFXV sales reports explained, shipped vs sold and Xbox vs ps4.

The 30th anniversary event is faster approaching with news of a new ff7 remake from square enix division 4.

Peasant silently begs for dissidia to release and Noctis added to the character roster.

This all really does explain why ff15 had so much western influence in its gameplay. Why so many trailer events, atrs, announcements and interview were held throughout europe. Also how the extra story cutscene and cinematics being added could be far more expansive than the current DLC structure lets on to.

I could really see full dark world expansions worthy of ffxiv bringing dark world, new additions to the ost soundtrack, new mechanics, older character at the ending of the game and hopefully stuff that fleshes out the story better.

Holding out for those Luna scenes or guest DLC and lets not forget daemon slayer Iris 😀

30th anniversary rumour details:

Nova week 1 sales report:

Nova week 2 sales report:

Nova week 3 sales report:

Stock sold percent:

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  1. tell me who I have to kill/sleep with/pay to get dissidia here in England and I'll do it! I'll fucking do it! I want that game soooooo much! whack noctis in like you said with his older modle maybe even Ardyn because I adored him! it's like square don't want my money hahaha

  2. Peasant you are out of your damn mind if you think FFXV would have sold this much if it was only on PS4. I own a PS4 and not an XBONE so I'm no fanboy, but trying to pretend like it would have sold 5mil only on PS4 is insane. You trying to back up your insanity by showing XBOX sales in Japan is beyond rediculous, XBOX always sells horribly in Japan. You even show proof of this at the end of your video by showing that "The overwhelming majority of sales is overseas."

  3. To make a comment on the sales numbers not just for FFXV but games in general in regards to the U.S. — In the state that I live in I work at one of the only independent game stores in the entirety of the state that can rival a Gamestop who happens to be right down the street from our store front, with but one storefront and no online inventory presence. I will tell you upfront that there is a significant difference in ratio in terms of number of games sold for PS4 to Xbox One (physical only sales, all games in inventory for each console are taken into account) It's easily a 5:1 ratio and that's even factoring in the sales boost that Microsoft enjoyed for the first 3 months of the release of the Xbox One S. FFXV is no different in our sales ratio, and as a Final Fantasy fan who has been a fan since the NA release of FFII/IV I'd like to think that, at least for FFXV, because most of the Final Fantasy fans out there are in there mid-20's to early-30's that it's doing so well on PS4 because a lot of fans remember playing Final Fantasy, and some of their most beloved Final Fantasy games at that, on a PlayStation console. Aside from the spin-off games, Nintendo re-releases and mobile/PC re-releases all of the main series numbered releases were either originally released for Nintendo (games I-VI) with games VII-XV releasing on for PlayStation hardware including the sequel games up until XI releasing for 360 as well. So I'd like to think that maybe it has something to do with continuity as well as a bit of nostalgia, for FFXV anyways.

  4. While agree most of this sounds like good news, I still wonder if it will truly reach the 10 million sales mark it needs for Square Enix to consider it a succes. Furthermore, this doesn't take into account returns and second hand sales, I wonder how many will keep their game over an extended period of time. While it is a bit unfair to expect it to be a masterpiece after only 3 years of Tabata picking up the pieces, that doesn't take away the fact the flaws are still there. Hoping Tabata holds true on its words and the game will bring more enjoyment over time, because parts did feel unfinished/cut short. I'm looking forward to the 60fps patch they said would be released in december, I suppose it's been pushed back (in fact, I hope it's still in the plans, FFXV was the main reason I upgraded to the ps4 pro).

  5. This was your first Final Fantasy? I feel really bad for you. Because if you actually liked this game, you're going to hate the others. Because they're actually good games and you clearly have 0 taste.

  6. I grew up with Final Fantasy. I'm happy it's doing well and hope that Square continues to improve and possibly throw more titles on the Xbox One as well. I'll buy a PS4 if I must lol (Nier:Automata kinda has me)

  7. I'm an Xbox player and I play FF XV on Xbox and the sales figures for japan doesnt surprise me due to the poor sales of Xbox in Japan but worldwide it will make up a considerable amount. But the more people who get to play the game the better no matter what platform you play on we are all gamers.

  8. THIS IS INFURIATING!!!! I want a game complete when it is released! Fuck this "oh, we're going to update the story in the next years" trend! I wish Square would feel some backlash for this shit.

  9. I wonder if there will be Alternate endings in FF15 at some point. I can't remember the last time a video game (or any type of media for that matter) made my cry. After putting all those hours into the game the ending f*cking broke me. That scene at the very very end around the campfire…. Holy hell :'(

  10. Hell I love Dissdia even on PSP, connected with a USB known as Kai, n made by Dissidia became an online game letting me to fight with other players around the world. That game has A LOT of depths that u won't know unless u fight with ppl all over the world.

    Like there are actually builds in them u can customize to a deep lvl. The Arcade one seems to sort of simplified that aspect but with other adjustments, the game seems to work well and is having possible reviews in Japan.

    Though Cloud will still be my all time favorite and I'll prolly mainly use Cloud and sub Noctis or something. (Cloud kinda sucks in Dissdia Arcade as they slow him down like MADDDD lol… I guess i'll just train hard to cover that part up when that releases.)

    Noctis will prolly be the average speed guy, not too slow, not too fast, decent damage type of players. However, I am so interest to see how they gonna imply his warps in Dissdia.

    They also said something it might be possible to fight with players on the arcade version as well. Hell when that happens… Bam! lol amazing shits gonna happen.

    However, as a person that plays PVP games every once a while (coming from DS, BB here) besides the fact I am 1 of those crazy FF fans, I really hope they gonna put up real servers for Dissdia, well if they gonna let us connect to arcade ver. that be needed.

    Cuz I don't want to see infinite lags with the peer to peer shit. Is just bad PVP man…peer to peer kinda works okay with FPS cuz u can't really feel it much from far distance.

    But when it comes to close range action games …damn…. lol

    Anyway, great video! looking forward for my childhood game FF7R n Dissdia for sure.
    n then there's Nier next month. Shit SE is coming up with good games lately XD

  11. My ps4 is the FF XV slim Luna 1 terabyte. I don't have the judgement disc, but I have:

    FF XV Patch 1.03
    A Kings Tale
    Episode Duscae (almost an exact replica except for opening sleeping scene and Cindy is in Duscae)
    Platinum Demo
    Season Pass/holiday pack

    I don't own a VR, since I'm too poor to own one. how did I get the ps4 luna? Gamestop retro pilot program + cash.(the holiday price of ps4).

  12. Its a personal feeling but even though FFXV had behind it a vast management and advertisement support, even though it was released in time where PS4 has been well established in the market and there is no good time soon we ll see a new console out, in the end it won't get close even to the 5 best selling Final Fantasy games. And there are good reasons for it. The most important is that it lacks elements that appeal to the original fanbase of the franchise. I mean its not enough to appeal to a large audience, you need to do it with respect of the quality of games your franchise is considered good. This explains why sales of FFXV will drop vastly after the advertisement and hype effects go off. I mean i didn't buy FFVII exactly when it was released. I bought it some months later. But i was introduced to it and invited to take it from a classical Final Fantasy fan which was a friend of mine. I obviously loved it and invited other people to appreciate it.

    Today i think those who bought FFXV besides their need to like it (or even if they truly like it, few of them truly LOVE it….)they won't become true ambassadors of the game. They are probably gonna leave it after finishing it to their library and move on to other games that also appeal to the masses… or even worse sell it for a low price to other people. This is not a way to go for RPGs because they are a special gendra and you can't rely on people who are not into this special concept of gaming. SE doesn't seem to get it. It thinks it can turn by tricks FF become a main stream game like Fifa or Call of Duty. WRONG.

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