FINAL FANTASY XV – Ride Together


FINAL FANTASY XV is now available on disc and via digital download on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 platforms. Learn more:


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  1. This game is amazing ! It is every thing i hoped for and more. The scale of the landscapes and scenery is beautiful and so far im loving every minute, so much to do. I would like to thank everybody that has worked on creating such a wonderful masterpiece of a story that is sure to give me many hours of enjoyment and leave me amazed . Thank you so much square-enix team for putting your time, heart and soul into this. From a fan since ff6 , justin blake thanks You! Im level 20 as of this message .

  2. I personally love having this song on the Final Fantasy XV trailer. This is what you want to hear when you're having trouble fighting a boss and need motivation to kick ass xD Plus, who could go wrong with Eminem?!

  3. It has been a long journey since the j-pop and classic music, but, what is really interesting, is how much is still the same

  4. Great song, but it doesnt fit the video. I'd rather go the BadmeetsEvilVevo and listen to the song or mute this audio and play the video

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