Final Fantasy XV – PS4 vs. PS4 Pro 1080p HIGH Mode Graphics Comparison


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We compare the graphics of Final Fantasy XV on PS4 and PS4 Pro. The PS4 Pro version offers two different modes, the first is a lite mode that uses 1080p resolution with a slight performance boost, the second one is a high mode that offers a better resolution and additional visual improvements such as a higher level of detail. In this video, we used the latter one – played and captured in 1080p.
Wir vergleichen die Grafik von Final Fantasy 15 auf PS4 mit der PS4 Pro. Die PS4 Pro Version bietet zwei verschiedene Modi an: zum einen einen Lite-Modus, bei dem das Spiel in 1080p gerendert wird und von einer verbesserten Perfomance profitieren soll, zum anderen einen High-Modus, bei dem neben einer erhöhten Auflösung auch kleine grafische Verbesserungen angewendet werden, wie etwa der Detailgrad. In diesem Video haben wir auf der PS4 Pro in 1080p gespielt und aufgenommen.

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Captured with Elgato GameCapture HD 60 Pro

Music: Final Fantasy 15 OST – Stand Your Ground

System used in this video:
GameStar-PC Ultra
Hier kaufen:
Intel Core i7 6700K 4.00 GHz
Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080
MSI Z170A PC Mate Mainboard
Windows 10 Pro 64bit

Our second system:
GameStar-PC Titan
Hier kaufen:
Intel Core i7-5820K 6x 3.3 GHz
16GB DDR4 Crucial Dual Channel 2133MHz (2x 8GB)
ZOTAC GeForce GTX 980 Ti Amp! Extreme Edition 6GB
500GB SATA III Samsung 840 EVO SSD
2TB SATA III Western Digital Red WD20EFRX
Windows 10 64bit

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  1. Why didn't they keep the LoD in the 1080p mode in the Pro lite mode? The Pro could've handled it just fine and then some! Hell the Duscae demo had better level of detail and that was at 900p with bad aa, maybe Sony told square to downgrade an aspect of the 1080p pro mode? Like how Naughty Dog downgraded the 1080p mode in TLoU Re?

  2. PS4/XBONE peasants always complain about the graphics are not the whole game and now they go straight to buy the new shit with only a little graphic improvement.. ROLF

  3. From what I've seen, the cost of a 4k tv and PS4pro wouldn't be justified unless you wouldn't miss the money. The next console system which will probably be out in 5 years will be 4k native and the resolution will be more mainstream.

  4. I have a ps4 hooked up to a 1080p tv (52"), right next to my ps4pro hooked up to a 4k tv (65"). My gf and I game together, and there is a stark difference between the two that just cant be shown on youtube. I dont know why people always say "I cant tell the difference between 1080k and 4k" as they watch the comparisons on a 1080p tv/monitor…

    Needless to say though, a regular ps4 on a 1080p will make most people happy enough, its still a great system.

  5. I think this high mode is not the thing that harnesses PS4 Pro's extra horsepower. Isn't this option in when you play on regular PS4?

  6. so I also really couldn't tell much from this youtube video. Wife surprised me with a ps4 pro today. I don't have a 4k tv yet.

    I compared both games side by side (same tvs in the household different rooms)

    youtube doesn't do any justice to these comparing.

    so far the load times are not much of a difference 4-5 seconds is what I clocked in at.

    Anti-aliasing is allot better.
    when you put FFXV into Resolution: High, oh you can really tell the difference. when you turn noct and camera angle at high speeds, when you are fighting demons and Imperial's also join the fight the frames don't drop as much.

    I put the Uncharted 4 special edition console vs the pro btw.

  7. Doing comparison videos on YouTube is always pointless because of the degradation of video quality when all is said and done. But even if you had them set up side by side in a room on a high quality TV, you're only going to notice a very very very small difference if any at all. In truth, once you start hitting 1080P and higher, your eyes can't tell that much of a difference. Even at 720P your eyes can't see that much of a difference (compared to the 1080P). All this talk of P's and K's is basically a way to sell TVs. Most people (even gamers) can't see that much of a difference but they hear "it's got more Ps and Ks" and think it must be better and top of the line, and oh my god if anyone knows I game on anything smaller I'll be a laughing stock and all this nonsense. Truth is, what makes the difference is FPS and frame pacing, which completely depends on the game coding itself. You want the best visual experience? Buy a 2,000 dollar computer with parts that came out last month. You MIGHT be king of the hill for a month at best. People have got to stop putting so much worth on the superficial looks of things and worry more about the mechanics and the coding. Worry more about if a game has game breaking glitches, or if the controls work well. Forget all this nonsense about Ps and Ks.

  8. Solo los gringos son capaces de comprar una vil consola y a poyar a la artimaña de CrapSony por simples sombras y uno que otro arbusto, y lo justifican con mil pretextos…ESTE JUEGO SE LE BAJO A PRIORI LA CALIDAD EN PS4 NORMAL PARA ASÍ VENDER MAS UNIDADES DE PS4 PRO!! Pero bueno, gringos al final…que se puede hacer?

  9. this game is really not a good comparison example, the differences are barely noticable. i doubt you will be examining your screen with a magnifying glass, just to be sure that you are playing on the PRO.
    HITMAN, Deus Ex and ROTR utilize the Pro much better, imo.

  10. -Number 1, Number 2.
    -1, and 2.
    -Um, they kind of look the same.
    -Number 3, Number 4.
    -3, and 4.
    -4 looks a little bit better I don't know.

  11. ok
    ps4 pro has anti aliasing on edge
    but it make pic some bluur. ps4 is more sharpen pic

    & ps4 pro has some more details on ground foliage for example

    ty for video dude

  12. These comments are full of people who have no idea what they're talking about. "It's just an extra blade of grass." "small difference? so worth replacing my PS4." The thing is , you need a 4k display to truly see the difference. You're not going to see it on your phone screen. There are also games with performance boosts. Dark souls 3 now runs a pretty stable 60 fps on a pro, which is something the standard would never be able to accomplish. You don't need to buy one if you already have a ps4 unless you really want one.

  13. the ao is better and more/better details but you can play this game in 60 fps on pro or play it in 4k(30 fps) so i think its worth because its smother and makes more fun

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