Final Fantasy XV Part 16 – FFXV – Pators Play


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  1. about the cup noodle stuff. i believe the directer has stated that that's his favorite food in an interview. cant remember witch one it was.

  2. Question…what would of happened if Noctis missed one of those jumps over those dividing poles….a new TROJAN's commercial?

  3. "The thing I bought is for you, but it's a surprise so you'll have to wait."
    "Whore I don't want to see your new lingerie, I'm marrying the Dog Journal girl and that's final!"

  4. i've given up on offering tips, i'm just gonna sit back and enjoy the train wreck. I'm sure he'll fine new weapons eventually lol but not intime to save his ass against things

  5. Press L1 to change the camera view while Ignis is driving. Also, you need to install the components/upgrades you picked up from Cindy. It's near the bottom on the list.

  6. I hate those who support trump so I really hope you don't support him, I know he's our new president at the end of the month but I can still have him. both were terrible I wish Bernie had still been in the running. I hope that trump never becomes president or doesn't last the first year or at least all 4 I want him gone.

  7. Do YOU have a dog-journal?!
    No…..I just have a chipmunk that travels around performing entire plays by Shakespeare by itself….I'M A FAAAAIIIIIILUUUUURE! sobs

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