Final Fantasy XV – Omen Trailer REACTION!! (The Boring Reactors)


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Final Fantasy XV – Omen Trailer REACTION!! (The Boring Reactors)

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  1. Definitely NOT a continuation. Unless you count Final Fantasy versus 13 which was changed to Final Fantasy 15. If you do want to know a bit more, you can watch some Theory videos by a great FF fan. His channel is called "Final Fantasy Peasant" I will leave a link here. Its a lot of fun, he has so much energy and enthusiasm, I know you would love him. His chaos theory videos are great place to start. Totally up to you if you want to check it out. ^_^
    His channel:
    Chaos theory:


  2. Definitely not a continuation of a past FF game. It was originally known as Versus XIII, and was supposed to be part of the XIII continuity, but that was scrapped in favor of the game becoming its own thing.

  3. calling yourself a totally over hardcore final fantasy fan, yet never played the best one > 10.
    even tho, the character from the omen trailer is noctis, the maincharacter of ff15.. not from any previous one.

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