FINAL FANTASY XV – New Game+ Walkthrough Part 1 – New Changes? l PS4 Pro


FFXV New Game+ gameplay walkthrough on PS4 Pro in Full HD 60FPS. Watch me play in NG+ with all my stats carried over, with Aranea glitch lets see the changes they added in the new update in this speedrun without skipping cutscenes.

Publisher: Square Enix
Director: Hajime Tabata / Tabby
Producer: Shinji Hashimoto
Lead Designer: Tetsuya Nomura
Soundtracks by: Yoko Shimomura

Release Date: 29 November 2016
PS4 / PS4 Pro, PS VR Support, Xbox One, Xbox Sorpio.

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  1. it's pretty cool to play the game ng+ with all ur stuff just makes the game more interesting fom the first time u started playing this game and coming back around with all the stuff u busted ur ass for

  2. so you start at whatever level you were on your save?..they should have let you start at level 1 again so you can earn more AP..or maybe make enemies your level and continue earning exp..when you earn enough exp you should still gain AP..

  3. I figured glitched aeranna would end up getting in the way or cause game patch to crash, glad it worked for people who kept her

  4. oh dang! :O so they added the new cut scenes already? I thought it was going to be a while longer before they did xp I gotta start NG+ now! wooh!

  5. Gotta be fair here, the spoiler at the start of the game was a bad move from Square Enix, Why would you show the final boss/fight directly at the start of the game?!

  6. When i click new game + and it brings me to my saved files, they are all greyed out and i am unable to click them so i can't play.
    Can someone help me?! I really want to be able to play it!

  7. was your health always at 5,380 or was it reduced when you started a new game+ if so why was it reduced? if not then okay

  8. it's sad cause you can see how sad the king is and couldn't find the right words to tell noctis on the reality that is going to happen. now that we know the start and ending of the game you can understand the kings behavior at the beginning. not wanting to let his son leave but also not trying to get him worried so he chosen his final words carefully so noctis won't catch on

  9. Just beat it last night. Took 19 hours. So I bet it in less than a day. Only did like 15 side quest and got 10 holy weapons before beating though. Doing more side quest and getting last 3 holy weapons today. It's an extremely good game with a good soundtrack and extremely good graphics.

  10. hey…i finished the game but now it doesnt let me select any of my saves to begin the New Game+….does anyone know what i have to do?

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