Final Fantasy XV – Luna Death Scene (Extremely Emotional Scene)



Final Fantasy XV Luna Dies
Final Fantasy XV Luna Death
Final Fantasy XV Luna Death Scene
Final Fantasy 15 Luna and Noctis
Final Fantasy 15 Extremely Emotional Moment

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  1. wait… how was it emotionnal ? we barely seen her in the game, we barely knew anything from her relationship with noctis. she means nothing to me. noctis+luna means nothing either. where's all the backstory that was supposed to make me care about all this ? You cant just make a character have only 10 minutes of screen time and make me care about her. Pretty much evey character in FFXV lacks depth and back story. its like they fired the guy who was supposed to make the FFXV story



  3. fuck if only the whole game was as good as this section. i feel like they really dropped the ball by not having enough cg cutscenes and story momentum. the first half feels like a totally different game from the second half. The opening dissappointed me too. It should've had the city invasion/escape shit shown in the original trailers. Would've made a great opening like FFX. But i'll take what I can get. This cutscene especially gave me some kingdom hearts vibes

  4. Dang, 🙁 I wish i could have felt something for these characters.. They didn't have enough screen time for me to really get emotionally attached to them :(

  5. I waited years and years and years to see luna and talk to luna and see luna in my party and to see her and noctis be together and i avoided every single spoiler to get to this part and cry like a little fucking bitch when noctis says "all i wanted to is to save you" and that heart touching and heart crushing scene fucking killed me ;-;

  6. This is an incredible scene but the writers didn't allow enough time to get to know Luna to make it as powerful as it could be.

    Square's writers in general did a bad job of setting up twists/climaxes. It's too easy to just not care (except for some scenes in the ending).

  7. Very intense and emotional scene. This is one of the few games that made me hate the bad guy with a passion. So glad I beat and killed him.

  8. Honestly, this scene would have been a lot better for me if I actual cared for Luna and her relationship with Noctis. I was expecting her to be in the game a bit longer, like have her as a guess party member, she shows you around Altissia and all that. Or maybe you control just her and your doing her duties or whatever. I know her death was an inevitable part of the story and maybe the fact that she was fated to die once they met but dam, they could have found a better way to build her up. Also her death was just lame as well. At this point in the game, I didn't see Ardyn as the main antagonist, more like a pompous asshole, so when he stabbed her I was like, "ok…why?" All this is happening during this whole epic battle so it's like, idk, two dramatic things clashing with each other. Keepin' short, this whole scene was lackluster to me and I needed to vent a little.

  9. I want the developers to know I fully support this game. With the changes, whoever did this should be worshipped. This is a masterpiece.

  10. So, he loses his mother, he loses his dad, and he loses the love of his life before he goes to sacrifice himself for the greater good. Give the fucking guy a break.

  11. I have finished the game, but what about those people who haven't and by accident see your fucking title? Ugh, I don't know why peple are so retard, this is not Aerith's death scene from 1997, but from a month ago.

  12. "Final Tragedy" is what they should call it…its the tear jerker of the series. So much crying and hiccuping. I mean did you see when Noctis first put that ring on? I thought he was gonna have a heart attack or a seizure. The story was so rushed and It lacked so many details. Can anybody tell me how Ignis lost his sight. (sure he got hit in battle but I want to know how exactly)..Or how all of a sudden Prompto was created in a lab what's the history on that?? I was wondering if he was gonna turn into a monster but no….Luna's brother got hardly any screen time and I really wanted to know more about him, but all I got was he was a bad guy but now he's a good guy here's that sword you wanted. Ardyn was an enigma, because at first he's just a sneaky snake, then I HATE his guts, and then at the end I think maybe he was just a very harsh mentor that forced Noct into becoming a stronger kingly person…OH!, Why does only Noct get the girl. I think all of them should have a romantic interest, but that country grease monkey stripper car waxing slut does not count. I hated filling up my car at hammerhead because her special cut scene made me gag. AND WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED TO EVERYBODY DURING THE 10 YEAR TIME LEAP!!??..How does being frozen in a crystal train Noct to become a honorable king, was he just in their floating curled in a ball thinking and reflecting the entire time. I JUST WANTED SOOOO MUCH MORE FROM THIS GAME!!!!

  13. The part that killed was when he finally got with her and now death spoken to soon to take her away from him again but this to the grave. Jesus noctis has lost so much.

  14. when the world falls down around you and hope is lost,
    when you find yourself alone amid a lightless place
    look to the distance know that i am there
    and that i watch over you always..
    "Farewell My Dear Lunafreya"

    T_T Lunaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

  15. playing this scene again makes me wanna punch gladio even more considering his attitude only months later. my lack of feelings aside-asume noct has a heart that cared dearly. Noct lost his kingdom, lost his dad, so many people died and THEN he lost luna… at the very least the guy was on the train still going along with their mission!!! some people mourn for decades!! I don't care that he was a Prince- even royalty can grieve for a long freaking time ! so sue them if the guy doesn't smile during, at least he was proactive and that's more than what you expect from most people. Fk U Gladio.

  16. For all the People saying Luna didn't look sad or the English dub sucked for the emotion in this scene Luna does not fear death.She said it at least twice in kingsglaive and her actions in that movie and in this scene and smacking a soldiers gun away from her face shows it. The only thing she feared was not doing her duty to help Noctus and wanting to see him one last time.

  17. Did Luna died in chapter 10 I need to know, anyone did she died after the whole game was completed? Because when I was playing and get to the end there was a cut on a part that look like they kissed so I got confuse is Luna still alive ? some one please answer me.

  18. Felt nothing in this scene. I saw Luna only 3 times in cutscenes and that is not enough time for me to be emotionally invested. Ignis's case was sad as I already spent 30+ hours hanging out with him

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