Final Fantasy XV – Combo /Style Video【Some Like it Hot】


Finally it’s done.

This showcases some stylish ways to use advanced forms of warp, combos and other cool things.
This is something of a sequel to the deleted God Of Warp and Combo Mad videos.

*Keep in mind that :
1. Armiger was never used
2. This is not to be confused for a guide on practical combat.

Player – Gyrum

Song – Samurai Heart (Some like it Hot !) by SPYAIR

— ファイナルファンタジ 15 コンボ

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  1. I have to admit that I'm pretty jealous, this video is amazing and I've been here since 50 views. While I was playing the game I always thought it would be pretty cool making a montage or a cool video doing air steps with some sick music to synergies the clip.You were the best one I've seen and really inspired me to start my own videos because I saw that it was clearly possible and worked really well. I learned how to do pretty good and unique combos and I pretty much mastered air dance, but I lack the skill of good quality videos and great editing. I want you to keep making videos and I'll keep trying xD. Oh man you deserve so many subs. Subbed myself, liked and I'll be waiting for your next video, cya !

  2. and people say FFXV combat sucks ass and is slow. just goes to show these people dont know how to play the game or are trash at the game

  3. The continuous flow combat is cool as hell. While people said FFXV combat is simple enough to just hold circle button, nothing like nier automata. It depends how you play with the bros. I started to appreciate the link skills and charge move attack just recently after i finished the game, havent grasp air dance skill as flawless as this. You are awesome! thanks for showing us! Please upload this more!!

  4. I appreciate you posting this. The skill ceiling is really high for this game, but people just fall into spamming potions and claiming the combats bad.

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