Final Fantasy XV catching the biggest fish now because i like the cutscene after it


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  1. Yeah i like this cutscene. i first got it for some fish(forgot what) that i nailed at Level 4 fishing in the River Wennath. Everyone gathered around Noctis. I never got that again for any other "big fish". I'm guessing it doesn't simply apply to the flashing yellow/blue circles.

  2. reading through all the comments i was seeing if anyone caught bigger than me but it doesn't seem so.
    murk grouper
    79.7 in 238.7 lbs
    also caught 218.3 lb dread grouper

  3. +Jarrah al-suwayel this isn't the biggest fish… not even close… I wish it was T_T try catching the Regal Arapaima or the Pink Jade Gar… those are the biggest fish… also the murk grouper you got… mine was harder because it was 211 lb.
    EDIT: you'll need the Deadly Waters: Seadevil or something… its the red one and its at the northeast part of Vesperpool

  4. fish didn't show up as a blip on the map but I saw it swimming down there during an earlier catch so I used my lure that works best for Murk Grouper and bam I caught myself a big ass fish.

  5. did they make fishing harder since this? because i got the best gear and this guy here is reeling a lot faster than i do.

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