Final Fantasy XV – All Battle Themes


Compilation of All / Most of the Battle Themes that play in Final Fantasy XV, including boss themes.

Songs used

00:00 – Encroaching Fear
00:35 – Stand Your Ground
03:39 – Careening into Danger
05:10 – Stand Your Ground
06:35 – Hunt or Be Hunted
11:15 – Daemons
13:50 – The Fight is On!
16:07 – Veiled in Black
23:01 – Veiled in Black (Arrangement)
26:13 – Invidia
30:38 – Up for the Challenge
38:12 – A premonition
38:39 – NOX DIVINA
39:12 – The Hydraen’s Wrath
50:58 – Neverending Nightmare
54:53 – Horrors of the Night
01:00:14 – NOX DIVINA
01:02:07 – Hellfire
01:08:32 – Magna Insomnia

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  1. I'm curious if I was the only one, but those few seconds at 56:51 sounded really familiar. Does it sound like part of FF7's soundtrack (The Bombing Mission, a bit after the one-minute mark) to anyone else?

    Anyway, I love this soundtrack!

  2. A lot of great songs but Yoko really went overboard on the chorus here, would have liked to see more focus on stuff like violin and piano that she's so iconic for

  3. My favorite non-boss theme is Up For The Challenge I think. For boss themes I'd have to go with The Hydrean's Wrath and/or Apocalypsis Aquarius. Guess i just really like leviathan

  4. A very nice soundtrack to this game. That being said, the common themes used in the songs Apocalypsis Noctis 19:25 and The Hydraen's Wrath 40:06 sound waaayyy too damn close to Skyrim's Dragonborn theme.

  5. I'll be willing to pay very good money to watch this exact playlist (all battle songs) live in concert. I'm certain I'm not alone in this!

  6. I love Ravus Aterna (47:10) i remember when i fought and i had to use all 16 of my phoenix downs and both my mega phoenixs, this music just added to the greatness.

  7. The Ravus fight was the hardest part of the campaign for me, and his theme is so great. It's a shame it isn't used more.

  8. estaba buscando la del capitulo 13, una de las que sale en ese episodio es la de neverending nightmares pero hay otra que se oye como estilo silent hill y esa no la encuentro…. 🙁

  9. Im remembering the multiple times that Im using the warp strike on some foes and prompto taking pictures on it.

  10. It's almost a crime that we barely get to hear Invidia, The Hydraen's Wrath, Ravus, Hellfire & Magna Insomnia…This is such a masterpiece of a soundtrack.

  11. Does anybody know whether I should play the game in Japanese with english subtitle or just play it in english?

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