FINAL FANTASY XV – 101 Trailer Extended Cut


Take an extended look at the characters, gameplay mechanics and more found in the living breathing world of FINAL FANTASY XV in the official 101 trailer!

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  1. Tabata need to apologize world wide for making such a shitty final boss fight. I hope nobody see the final boss fight before getting the game. The worst shit in final fantasy history. The only final fantasy final boss with no epic final forms or grand scale powers like kefka and sephiroth.

  2. This trailer makes the game seem so corny I cant lie. FFXV Has got way more class than this. And enough with the trailers we get it lol.

  3. As a person who played the judgment demo, I was able to finish all the quests within an hour, but ended up spending over 10 hours just finding new areas, weapons, and fighting minibosses just because I loved the combat so much.

  4. Here's a list of all the things that were supposed to be in-game, but aren't;

    Lunafreya as a guest party member
    Level limiter item
    General Glauca bossfight

    Hajime Tabata should know better than to make promises he can't uphold, people will be calling for his head at this point, just like Sean Murray and Keiji Inafune.

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