Final Fantasy XV 【FFXV実況】: Part 5


Another extra long stream session of Final Fantasy XV! Hope you enjoy watching this playthrough and have a merry Christmas!
— Watch live at

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  1. Today, i finish the most difficult of all royal tombs in Final Fantasy XV, named Costlemark Tower and the entrance to the tomb is open only in the night. This tomb is a large maze full of powerfull demons with level 40 or highter and that is the reason of being the most dangerous place in the game. If you wish to enter in that place and get the royal army that is hidden there, i recommend that you get level 55 or highter and a large stock of recovery itens and magic. good luck.

  2. Just got a ps4 and this game today.

    p.s. can I crash on your couch for a few days when I get to Japan??
    cam is perfect. late babe. B-)

  3. I know that nothing is confirmed yet, but there are rumors that you are working in the new Kojima's game, Death Stranding. I will hope that is rumors are true, because Kojima confirmed that Death Stranding will have a female main character.

  4. Stef, I very love you. I am your fan. Hello from Russia. Пусть у тебя будет всё хорошо. Мне нравится смотреть твои видео. Я люблю тебя)))

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